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San Diego is having a critical early season in many ways because it did not meet expectations. He invested a lot of money to win the National League West Division and win the World Series, raising high expectations, but his performance was not up to par.메이저사이트

While most of the players failed to live up to expectations, San Diego even showed a frustrating batting average and stayed at 29-33 (.468) as of the 8th (Korean time). Still, it’s a little better than the beginning of the season, but it’s still less than 50% win rate. In the National League West, it is fourth in the league after Arizona (.597), Los Angeles Dodgers (.565), and San Francisco (.508).

Nevertheless, there is a player who is attracting a lot of attention at the beginning of the season, and that is Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego). While leading the defense index with the best defense in the league, he has been struggling in offense since May and has often emerged as the star of San Diego. In the fortress, there is nothing that can’t be done, from attacking to attacking, defending to defending, and baserunning.

He is a player who is already loved by fans for his hustle play, but he has good grades that are visible to the eyes, so the evaluation is bound to be higher. On the 8th,’Fan Nation’, a fan column page under’Sports Illustrated’, summarized various indicators of Ha-seong Kim this season, saying,’San Diego is still disappointing, but infielder Ha-seong Kim is off to a great start to the 2023 season.

The indicator that ‘Fan Nation’ paid attention to was the win contribution (WAR) against substitute players, which is widely used among fans recently and is a major reference for various voting. ‘Fan Nation’ cited the tally of ‘Baseball Reference’, a statistics site, and said, ‘Ha-seong Kim is at the highest level in the WAR category,’ and ‘Ha-seong Kim put off Mookie Betts, Dansby Swanson, and teammate Juan Soto behind him. there is. He ranks 7th overall in the league with a 2.8 WAR,’ he said.

In fact, it’s hard to believe even for Korean fans, but if you look at the WAR tally of ‘Baseball Reference’, this is a true story. As a result of updating until the game on the 8th, Kim Ha-seong is ranked 6th in the field of field WAR. Only Wander Franco (Tampa Bay ‧ 3.9), Marcus Simeon (Texas ‧ 3.3), Bo Vichet (Toronto ‧ 3.2), Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta ‧ 3.1), and Luis Arares (Miami ‧ 2.9) are in front of Kim Ha-seong. The story of ‘Fan Nation’ is not a fabrication of fact.

▲ Kim Ha-seong not only has excellent defense, but also has risen above the league average in offense.

▲ Kim Ha-seong, who is running 1st in WAR on the team

Ha-seong Kim’s attack index is lower than that of other superstars. However, his defensive stats are overwhelming. Of the 2.8 WAR, Kim Ha-seong accumulated 1.7 on defense. It is the dignity of Kim Ha-seong, who ranked first in the DRS index this year. Attacks are somewhat lagging, but being a beast doesn’t just attack. He can be caught in WAR if he can help the team on defense as well.

Even in the WAR tally of ‘Fan Graph’, Kim Ha-seong recorded 1.7, ranking 36th in the entire league. Although it lags behind the tally of ‘Baseball Reference’, being ranked 36th among the league’s outstanding overall fielders is great in itself.

‘Fan Nation’ said, ‘This year is his (major league) 3 year gap, and this is his best record so far.’ Proving that you deserve to go out. The 27-year-old has now become an integral player in San Diego, and now he has become an indispensable player in the lineup,’ he continued his praise.

The media said, ‘It’s very good to be able to see his growth. And we can expect what kind of results he will bring this season,” he said, looking forward to his future performance.

WAR may exaggerate the value of Kim Ha-sung, but on the contrary, there are values ​​that WAR cannot capture. It is Kim Ha-sung’s defensive utility. Kim Ha-seong, who is playing as the starting second baseman this year, played as the third baseman when Manny Machado was out due to an injury. He also plays shortstop these days, when Xander Bogaerts is sidelined with a wrist injury. Flashes in the east and flashes in the west.

There are few players in the major leagues who can be seen as adept at second base, third base, and shortstop, all with above-average defense. Thanks to Kim Ha-seong, San Diego is securing liquidity in the lineup. A four-year, $28 million contract is bound to seem like a bargain.

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