Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) is writing history. Kim Ha-seong, who is breaking the single-season record for not only Koreans but also Asian major leaguers, is now looking at major league legend Ichiro Suzuki (50, retired).

Ha-seong Kim recorded his 23rd and 24th stolen bases of the season in the game against the LA Dodgers on the 5th of last month, breaking the record for the most stolen bases by a Korean major league player in a single season. It surpassed the 22 steals that Choo Shin-soo (SSG)스포츠토토 recorded during his time in Cleveland in 2010.

Ha-seong Kim, who played against Houston on the 9th (Korean time), succeeded in stealing three bases. He accumulated his 32nd, 33rd, and 34th stolen bases in a day of the season. Ha-seong Kim set a new record for the most stolen bases in a single season by an Asian infielder, surpassing the 32 stolen bases that Japanese infielder Kazuo Matsui recorded during his time in Colorado in 2007. His 35th stolen base was also successful against the LA Dodgers on the 12th.

Now, Ha-seong Kim aims to reach Ichiro’s 40 stolen bases. Among Asian major leaguers, Ichiro is the only player with more than 40 stolen bases. Ichiro, a junior outfielder with a total of 509 stolen bases in the major leagues, recorded 56 stolen bases in 2001, and five times, including in 2006 (45), 2008 (43), 2010 (42), and 2011 (40). Recorded 40 stolen bases.

Ha-seong Kim, who recorded 16 steals in 85 games in the first half, added 19 steals in 55 games in the second half. San Diego has 18 games left this season. Expectations are high on whether Kim Ha-seong, who hits well and runs well, will reach the 40-steal mark. 

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