Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

‘Blue Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) was again compared to Kalidou Koulibaly (32, Chelsea). 

Italy’s ‘Naples Magazine’ reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that Italy’s ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ drew attention by comparing Kim Min-jae and his predecessor, Coulibaly. 

According to this, ‘Gazetta dello Sport’ evaluated, “Kim Min-jae is not flashy compared to his predecessor. However, he not only has the same scoring ability as Coulibaly, but will also be more functional in coach Luciano Spalletti’s rear movement.”

Kim Min-jae changed his uniform from Fenerbahce (Turkiye) to Napoli in July last year. He was a replacement for Koulibaly, but was an unknown defender who did not pay attention to anyone at the time of the transfer. But after the season started, his mood changed. Kim Min-jae has solidified his position as the best defender in Europe as well as Serie A메이저사이트

Comparatively, Koulibaly has been described as disappointing at Chelsea. It is said that his performance has declined compared to his time at Naples due to his frequent mistakes. When Benoit Badiacil was recruited, he fell to the bench. 

The media viewed his scoring ability as the same because Kim Min-jae scored 2 goals in Serie A and Koulibaly also scored 2 goals in the Premier League.

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