Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

The rookie Kim Seo-hyun’s booming voice resounded in the bullpen pitching field. The Hanwha camp is full of energy again.

On the 12th (Korean time), Hanwha Spring Camp in Mesa, Arizona, USA. Kim Seo-hyun, who returned after 3 days of self-restraint, digested 35 unscheduled bullpen pitches.

This is the second pitching in the official uniform following the first bullpen pitching on the 6th.

A lot had happened in that time온라인카지노. The image that Kim Seo-hyun wrote on her private SNS account was released and the image plummeted in an instant. It also hurt the team atmosphere. It must have been the worst four days for 19-year-old Kim Seo-hyun.

Returning to training the day before, Kim Seo-hyun bowed her head and apologized to the players and fans.

However, this is just the beginning.

‘There is no greater player than the team,’ Kim Seo-hyun wrote on the inside of the player’s hat. Let’s mature. let’s reflect It remains to keep his promise to himself that he will take care of the people who help me.

He said that while he was excluded from training, he heard a lot of advice from his seniors and coaches, and he did a lot of thinking and reflection. And he promised, “He is fundamental before being a baseball player, and he will become a more mature person than he is now.”

Kim Seo-hyun’s voice changed when he started his second bullpen pitching. On the first day of pitching, Kim Seo-hyun, who had communicated with the catcher quietly with hand gestures, exchanged autographs with the catcher in a polite yet energetic voice.

He seemed determined to bring back the team atmosphere he had ruined. Rookies’ lively voices and actions. It is a good energy that raises the atmosphere of the team.

Kim Seo-hyun’s highest fastball speed on this day was 151 km. It’s the same speed as the first bullpen pitching. He threw a variety of fastballs and slider curve changeups.

The number of pitches scheduled for 25 to 30 was also increased to 35. Rosa also had permission from the coach to ‘throw as much as you want’. Catcher Park Sang-eon, who received the ball after pitching, had a smile on his face. The ball was good, but Seohyun Kim’s changed attitude made the senior happy. Park Sang-eon listened to Kim Seo-hyun’s story for a long time and did not spare any advice.

‘Manners make a person.’ I hope it becomes the story of Seohyun Kim. You can see Kim Seo-hyun’s changed appearance in writing.

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