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A journalist in charge of news from Newcastle United had a negative outlook on the recruitment of Kim Min-jae (SSC Napoli).토토사이트

On the 10th (Korean time), Craig Hope, who is a member of the British ‘Daily Mail’ and a reporter dedicated to Newcastle, reported that “Manchester United is more likely to be Kim Min-jae’s next destination than Newcastle.”

Kim Min-jae, who became the Serie A champion in the 2022/23 season and the league’s best defender and became Europe’s top center back, is already heating up the summer transfer market.

Currently, with Kim Min-jae, Manchester United and Newcastle, who are going to the UEFA (European Football Federation) Champions League next season, are attached. Manchester United and Newcastle finished the 2022/23 season in 3rd and 4th place, respectively, to qualify for the Champions League, dubbed the ‘War of the Stars’.

In preparation for the next season, the two clubs focused on Kim Min-jae, who is known for a buyout amount of at least 50 million euros (approximately 69.5 billion won) to strengthen defense.

Man Utd and Newcastle are fighting a silent war while negotiating to recruit Kim Min-jae at a low price for the ransom of Europe’s best defender.

While attracting attention to which team will laugh at the end, the Newcastle correspondent predicted that Man United, not the club in charge, would be the final winner with Kim Min-jae.

Regarding this, Reporter Hope explained the reason why Man Utd was influential, saying, “Newcastle respects Kim Min-jae, but I felt that the salary he wanted would break the club’s annual salary system.”

Currently, the highest paid Newcastle players are reportedly Bruno Guimaraes and Alexander Isak.

According to ‘Spotrac’, which estimates the salaries of soccer players, the weekly wages of the two players are 120,000 pounds (approximately 195 million won). The annual salary is 6.24 million pounds (approximately 10.1 billion won).

As for the current salary that Manchester United has offered to Kim Min-jae, Italian journalist Alfredo Fedula said on the 7th, “Kim Min-jae’s basic annual salary ranges from 6 million to 7 million euros (approximately 8.4 billion to 9.8 billion won), and additional options exist.” .

If the option is added, Kim Min-jae’s annual salary is likely to exceed 10 billion won, which means that Kim Min-jae will receive a salary similar to Newcastle’s highest-paid people at once.

In addition, in order to persuade Min-jae Kim, who is close to transferring to Manchester United, Newcastle needs to pay a higher salary than Manchester United to buy favor.

What Newcastle are concerned about is the situation after signing Kim Min-jae. If Kim Min-jae is brought in in exchange for a huge salary, it is highly likely that the existing key players will ask the club for a salary increase one after another.

A series of salary increases for players will lead to an increase in club spending, which is not very welcome for Newcastle.

As Newcastle did not yet have a salary system capable of holding Kim Min-jae, Manchester United took the lead in the recruitment race and moved closer to signing Kim Min-jae.

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