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It is only a matter of time before Lee Bo-mi (35) will be inducted into the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) Hall of Fame, but there are certain things she must do to make it final this year.

In the KLPGA Hall of Fame, there are four people from the late Ok-hee Koo to Se-ri Pak, Ji-ae Shin, and In-bi Park. Ahn Seon-joo (36) met all the conditions for being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018, but due to the age limit of 40 years or older, she will automatically join the Hall of Fame in 2027.

Lee Bo-mi is worthy of succeeding Ahn Seon-ju. Bomi Lee has already amassed 97 points out of 100 for her inductee into the Hall of Fame. If she adds just 3 points, she could be in the Hall of Fame.

The condition for the KLPGA Hall of Fame is that among players with more than 10 years of tour experience, they must win a major tournament, win the lowest batting award, or win at least one of the grand prizes and accumulate 100 Hall of Fame points. 스포츠토토

There are many ways to accumulate points. In addition to the KLPGA Tour, if you win the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour or the Japan Women’s Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour, you receive 2 points, and if you win a major tournament, you receive 4 points. In addition, the grand prize (player of the year) was set at 4 points, the lowest at-bats award or rookie award at 2 points, and the prize money king at 1 point.

First of all, in 2023, even if you participate in more than 3 competitions organized by the KLPGA, you will accumulate 2 points. Still, with 99 points, you have 1 point left until you are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

In order for Lee Bo-mi to be inducted into the KLPGA Hall of Fame as early as a year, she must win at least three tournaments this year. If he wins a major tournament, he doesn’t have to compete in three tournaments to be confirmed. 

If he does not win this year, he must participate in at least 3 tournaments on the KLPGA tour in 2024 following this year.

Lee Bo-mi dreamed of her comeback by correcting her shot last year. Last season, she missed the cut in the two competitions she participated in during the first half of the KLPGA Tour, but proved her competitiveness by placing 14th in the final SK Shielders and SK Telecom Championships.

In an interview at the time of the final game of the season, he showed his determination to continue his active life at least until this year. Since the KLPGA Tour has a permanent seed, it is possible to participate at any time. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Bo-mi, who once dominated the Korean and Japanese women’s golf world, will be able to leave her name in honorable history.

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