Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

 A picture of Hugo Lloris (37, Tottenham) wearing an assistive device was released.

Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported on the 8th (local time), “Lloris will be out for 6-8 weeks due to a knee ligament injury.”

Goalkeeper Lloris injured his knee in an English Premier League match against Manchester City on the 6th.

Goalkeeper Lloris, who has been guarding the Tottenham goal since 2012, is in his late 30s, but is still in charge of Tottenham goal.

Previously, at the 2022 World Cup토토사이트 in Qatar, which ended last December, he also played for the French national team. He helped France reach the final, but lost a knee to goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in a penalty shoot-out against Argentina.

Following the World Cup in Qatar, goalkeeper Lloris announced his retirement from the French national team and committed himself to his Tottenham career.

However, he is out for at least six weeks due to a knee injury towards the second half of the season.

The BBC said, “Tottenham has Fraser Foster, the England national team member, as a backup,” and predicted that Foster, recruited from Southampton in June of last year, would fill the vacancy of Lloris.

After the news of his injury came out, Lloris’ wife posted a picture of Lloris’s knee area wearing an assistive device through her social media account on the 9th. It is a picture that gives a glimpse of the seriousness of the injury. 

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