Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Doosan, a professional baseball team, is the only one of 10 professional baseball teams to set up a training camp in Australia.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop and catcher온라인카지노 Yang Eui-ji are dreaming of rebuilding a prestigious baseball family through the revival of baseball.

This is reporter Kim Do-hwan.

[Pkg] At Doosan, which

set up a camp in Sydney, Australia with the goal of rebuilding the dynasty, the command tower, not the players, is attracting the most attention.

Although he was a home run king, manager Lee Seung-yeop also spends a lot of time observing pitchers.

[“Comfort and comfort.”]

[Lee Seung-yeop: “Hello? Please visit me whenever you have a problem. We are open. Please visit us anytime. This is the ideal. Fighting.”

] This is Yang Eui-ji, the master of the house.

[“Chi-guk has long arms.”]

Eui-ji Yang, who returned from NC, has a heavier burden on his shoulders because he fell to 9th place last year after advancing to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years.

[Soundbite] Yang Eui-ji/Doosan : “I will not disappoint you this year, and I will also prepare well and show fans a lot of fun baseball and winning baseball.”] Olympic bronze medalist Lee Seung-yeop, who has good memories in Sydney, and the WBC national team

catcher The clock of Doosan Camp, created by Yang Eui-ji, is busy today as well.

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