Wed. May 31st, 2023

The Pittsburgh Pirates won a thrilling victory after an overtime game.

Pittsburgh won 6-3 in an away game against the 2023 Major League Baseball St. Louis Cardinals held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA on the 16th (Korean time).

In the 10th inning, Andrew McCutchen’s home run and Rodolphe Castro’s timely hit broke out. Bae Ji-hwan started as the center fielder and the 8th hitter that day and was silent with no hits in 4 at-bats. Choi Ji-man was absent.

Pittsburgh scored first.메이저사이트 In the top of the first inning, leadoff hitter Kibrian Hayes hit a solo home run. However, starter Roanci Contreras gave up two consecutive doubles in the bottom of the first inning, allowing the score to be tied, and gave up a sacrifice fly with one out and 2nd and 3rd base, and was turned 1-2.

In the third inning, Pittsburgh had a chance with two outs loaded, and Connor Joe walked and pushed the game back to 2-2.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, they lost the lead with one run again, but in the bottom of the 8th, Castro made the score 3-3, and the game went to 10 extra rounds.

A game that started with a safe second base. The first batter, McCutchen, hit a two-run home run over the left field fence, Santana struck out and Joe hit a triple in left field. Then Castro made an infield hit and scored one more run.

Taking a 6-3 lead, Pittsburgh overcame the crisis with 2 out on 2nd and 3rd base in the bottom of the 10th inning and finished the game with a victory.

Bae Ji-hwan grounded the second baseman in the first at-bat in the second inning on the second day, grounded the third baseman in the second at-bat in the fourth inning, and landed a floating ball to left field in the third at-bat in the sixth inning. In the fourth at-bat in the ninth inning, he retired with a strike-out. 

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