Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

W It is an appearance that has never been seen before.

Kim Min-jae, who won the Italian Serie A ‘Best Defender’ for the first time in Asia, completed his season’s final training at his current team, the Napoli training ground. However, his appearance stands out. This is because he did not cut his mustache and practiced with a somewhat haggard appearance.

On the 3rd,메이저사이트 Napoli delivered the players’ training in preparation for the home game against Salernitana in the final round of the 38th round of Serie A in 2022/23 through the club’s homepage.

Napoli secured an early win with a 1-1 draw with Udinese in the last 33 rounds. It is the first championship in 33 years, so the whole city is in a festive mood. In addition, on the 2nd, another good news was delivered. Kim Min-jae and Victor Osimen won the best defender and best striker in Serie A, coach Luciano Spalletti won the manager award, and striker Hvica Kvarachhelia won the MVP.

Serie A’s ‘unique’ tradition of not awarding prizes to the winning team was an exception in the face of Napoli’s overwhelming victory. Kim Min-jae won the Serie A Defender of the Year for the first time in Asia and the first championship team.

However, in the appearance of Kim Min-jae at the training ground, rather than a smile, a rather calm face was revealed.

In particular, he always appeared with a neat mask, but this time he did not shave his mustache and handled his cheeks with a ‘natural’ look, drawing attention.

In fact, Kim Min-jae is not a member of the Salernitana match this time. This is because he received a yellow card during the first half of the previous Bologna expedition and cannot go to Salernita due to the accumulation of warnings. However, he trained diligently during the last week of this season at Napoli and worked well with his teammates. He was sweating, exposing his mustache.

According to Italian media, Kim Min-jae will officially announce his transfer to Manchester United in the Premier League after the home game against Salernitana at 1:30 am on the 5th. It is likely that the three-day training session with his mustache on will be the last training session he will complete at the Napoli training ground.

Kim Min-jae has played 35 Serie A games for Napoli this season. He was all starts and played 30 games full-time.

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