Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Major League Baseball continues to experiment with innovative rules.

On the morning of the 19th (Korean time), the Major League Secretariat introduced the rules to be tested in the Atlantic League, an independent league this year. Since 2019, Major League Baseball has signed a partnership agreement with the Atlantic League and is using it as an experimental site for new rules. Previously, the major leagues had experimented with at least three hitter opponent regulations, base size expansion, and defensive shift restrictions, and double defensive shift restrictions and base size expansion are being applied to major league games this year.

According to the Major League Secretariat, 메이저사이트in this year’s Atlantic League, pitchers are limited to one act of taking their feet off the pitch per at-bat. This is part of an effort to further slow down the game. This year, the major leagues introduced the pitch clock system to regular league games, and a recent survey found that the game time was reduced by 31 minutes. The pitch clock must start pitching within 15 seconds from the moment the pitcher receives the ball from the catcher, if there are no runners, and within 20 seconds if there are runners. When this time is exceeded, the referee automatically declares a ball. The batter must also step into the plate before the pitching time limit is 8 seconds. Violation of this is an automatic strike.

Along with this, in this year’s Atlantic League, the designated runner designates one player who is not included in the starting lineup as the ‘designated runner’ and plays only the role of base runner. A different concept from the grand runner. In the case of the designated runner, he plays only the base runner role, and the original batter can continue to play in the rest of the game. In addition, the ‘double hook designated hitter’ rule was added, allowing the designated hitter to be used in the rest of the game only if the team’s starting pitcher threw at least 5 innings. If the starting pitcher goes down after five innings, the team must play the rest of the game without a designated hitter.

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