Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

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The KIA Tigers have acquired a solid veteran catcher. In a trade with Samsung on the 5th, the Tigers acquired Kim Tae-gun (33) in exchange for infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk. It fills a position that has been an Achilles’ heel since starting catcher Park Dong-won became a free agent and moved to LG after last season.

KIA expects the signing to help in several ways immediately. He is a veteran catcher with 16 years of experience. Immediately, he can bring stability to the defence with his throwing, delivery, lead, blocking and framing ability. Pitchers will be able to rely on him more. On offence, he has the sophistication and operational skills to help the bottom of the order.

It’s also an opportunity trade for Kim Tae-gun. He was never a starter for Samsung. He was the second catcher behind Kang Min-ho. But now that he’s been traded, he’ll be able to put on the starter’s mask for KIA right away. Shin Beom-soo, who was once a starter, will be the second catcher. He is practically guaranteed a spot on the first team until the end of the season, barring injury.

After this season, he”ll be eligible for free agency. This is his second free agency. If he performs as well as he has since the trade, he could get a substantial contract. KIA could offer him a multi-year contract. There is an unfortunate precedent of not signing Park Dong-won to a multi-year contract last year, and he ended up being released. Whether it’s a free agent or a multi-year deal, it’s certain that Kim will be treated better than his first free agent contract. Kim became a free agent after the 2019 season with the NC Dinos and signed a four-year, 1.3 billion won deal. Only 900 million won was guaranteed, including a 100 million won signing bonus and 200 million won in salary. The remaining 400 million won was an option. Even at the young age of 29, he was not treated well. This was because the NC’s main catcher since the 2019 season was the giant Yang Yang-ji.

It was a disastrous first free agent signing. This time will be different. After last year’s season, free agents were treated like emperors. Yang Yang-ji moved to parent club Doosan for 15.2 billion won as the owners battled it out. Yoo Kang-nam parted ways with LG and donned the Lotte jersey for 8 billion won, while Park Dong-won, who left KIA, joined LG for 6 billion won. Park Se-hyuk also signed with NC for 4.6 billion won.

For Kim Tae-gun, it’s a chance to wash away the sting of the first round of free agency, albeit not for the same amount of money as last year. There is even a shortage of catchers, so he can command a premium. Kia is not a salty club. If he shows promise this year, they’ll pay him what he’s worth. The 33-year-old catcher is in big water. Will he be able to keep the ship afloat?

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