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“I’ve been thinking about it, but since I’m thin, it seems like a way to increase my strength and physical strength.”

Last year, Myongji University, which recruited freshmen Park Ji-hwan, Lee Min-cheol, and Jun Harrigan, and strengthened its strength, recruited more decent freshmen to reinforce its strength.

When Park Ji-hwan asked which of the five freshmen he was looking forward to, he said, “I’m looking forward to two players, Kim Do-yeon from Muryong High School and Jang Ji-min from Gunsan High School.”

Jang Ji-min (185cm, G), who started playing basketball in the second year of middle school, did not have much game experience because of Corona 19. Nevertheless, he was evaluated as having the qualities of a point guard as he excelled as a ball guard. He played for a long time at Gunsan High School, which had fewer available resources, and was active in various fields, including scoring, rebounding, assists, and steals. 토토사이트

Jang Ji-min, who joined Myongji University and is undergoing winter training, said, “We train hard while trying to overcome it together. The hyungs are very good, and the coach and coaches are also good, so the team atmosphere is good.” The speed and defense that I lacked are being supplemented.”

Jang Ji-min, who showed a passive aggressive attitude in high school and practice games, said, “I don’t have much confidence. He tries to be confident in practice matches.”

There were times when Myongji University trained four times a day in the winter training in Jeju Island, from dawn, morning, afternoon, and night. In the early morning, he did interval training on the track at Changhak Kang Stadium. At this time, unlike other players, Ji-min Jang was wearing a lead vest.

Jang Ji-min said, “I don’t know why, but the director told me to wear it, so I wore it. It was hard,” he said. I’ve been thinking about it, but since I’m skinny, it seems like a way to increase my strength and build up my stamina.”

Kim Tae-jin, coach of Myongji University, served as a coach for a long time at Incheon Electronic Land, the predecessor of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation. Cha Rock made his body in a lead vest when he made his professional stage debut. E-Land made new players build their bodies in various ways when they joined.

Director Kim Tae-jin said, “From the beginning, wearing a lead vest could put a strain on the body, so I waited for it to gain strength during winter training. He explained the reason why he wore a lead vest to increase his strength and strength.”

Jang Ji-min played most of the games for 40 minutes while attending Gunsan High School. You don’t have to do that in college.

Jang Ji-min said, “There is definitely something comfortable. At Gunsan High School, I had to run even if I had no stamina, so I didn’t even shoot. He can run now while arranging his stamina.”

“I think the atmosphere and color of the team will suit me. You can play basketball with a center while being free. At Gunsan High School, there was no center and all the players were small. Jang Ji-min, who explained the reason for entering Myongji University by saying, “I chose Myongji University because it has a center when I watched Myongji University games,” said Jang Ji-min, who explained the reason for entering Myongji University.

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