Tue. May 30th, 2023

Newcastle United, which is expected to sign a storm next season, is surrounded by rumors of signing Neymar (Paris Saint-Germain).

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe revealed his thoughts on the Neymar transfer rumors on the 5th (local time).

“We do not recruit players without standards. You need to recruit the right players. You can’t just pick a name and bring it.”

Nevertheless,메이저사이트 I did not hate the rumors of signing Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr). “Neymar and Ronaldo are unbelievable players,” said Howe.

Newcastle, currently in third place, will qualify for next season’s UEFA Champions League if they maintain this position. If Newcastle comes out of the UCL, it is likely to spend a lot of money on the player they have been patient with. If Newcastle, which has capital worth 520 trillion won, has a cause for UCL, it will be of great help in recruiting special players.

Neymar is an attractive card for Newcastle, who needs a special ace. However, as we have seen in the recent case of Chelsea, signing based only on the value of the name without any criteria can have the opposite effect. This is why director Howe is taking a cautious stance.

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