Wed. May 31st, 2023

 San Diego Padres Juan Soto was again silenced with no hits.

Soto went 0-for-5 in an away game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field on the 27th (hereafter Korean time).

In the first at-bat in the top of the 1st inning,메이저사이트 Soto struck out on a swing due to opponent starter Drew Smiley’s low-falling curveball. .

In the fifth inning, when the score was tied 2-2, he struck out again after two outs. On a full count, he missed Smiley’s 77 mph curveball.

In the seventh inning, he hit a ground ball to first baseman with one out and first base. Front hitter Fernando Tatis Jr. hit left-handed hits from 1st out, 2nd and 3rd base, calling in both runners and turning the tide of the game 4-3, but Soto could not continue the trend.

A similar situation occurred in episode 9. Tatis Jr., the 2nd and 3rd baseman, made a right-handed hit and stolen base by Kim Ha-seong and a deep fly from Brett Sullivan in center field. This time, in the ball count 1B2S, the opponent pitcher Julian Meriwether’s 97 mph fastball pierced the air with a bat.

The reason why Soto’s sluggishness did not stand out on this day was that Tatis Jr. led the team to victory by posting multi-hits and RBIs for the first time after returning. In addition, Manny Machado, Jake Cronenworth, and Kim Ha-seong, who were in sluggish side by side, contributed to the victory with hits.

Toxic Soto’s bat doesn’t fit.

As of that day, Soto has a batting average of 0.178 (16 hits in 90 at-bats), and is ranked 175th out of 180 players who have filled the required at-bats. His strikeouts were 29, the 17th most. It’s a number that doesn’t match Soto at all.

It was the first time in 9 months that Soto had three strikeouts in one game since the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks on July 24 last year, and it is the 13th in his career since his 2018 debut. After 2020, it is the fifth.

Despite this bad feeling, Soto is still strong in one area. That’s the ballnet section. 1st overall with 22. More than hits. Thanks to this, the on-base percentage is 0.339, which is proudly in the 30% range.

When it comes to walks, Soto looks set to break the record sooner or later. It is the record for the most walks in a career before the age of 25. Soto was born in October 1998. He will be 25 at the end of this regular season. The all-time leader in this category is Mel Ot, who recorded 537 walks before the age of 25.

If Soto, who marked 530 walks in his career, adds 8, he will be first.

Third in this category is Mickey Mantle with 522, and fourth is Ted Williams, who is Soto’s 20th century ‘look-alike’, with 493 walks before the age of 25.

On the other hand, Kim Ha-seong raised his batting average to 0.215 with 2 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk and 2 stolen bases in 3 at-bats that day, jumping to 153rd overall in this category. The return to the batting average of 20% is the first time in four days since the 23rd. Within the team, his batting average is higher than Manny Machado (0.214), Trent Grisham (0.195), and Soto.

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