Wed. May 31st, 2023

After the Japanese national team won the WBC (World Baseball Classic), Shohei Otani (LA Angels) became a world baseball hero. In fact, it is an atmosphere that is recognized as ‘baseball itself’ in the mainland.

There is no problem in breaking the old unwritten rules of the Major League Baseball (MLB). At this point, it’s fair to call it ‘Otani is the law’.

Among the unwritten rules of American baseball, ‘no 3-ball swing’안전놀이터 and ‘no stealing’ are typical in situations where the score difference is large.

In addition, respect for the pitcher, such as ‘minimizing stolen bases or home run celebrations’, ‘no bat throwing’, ‘no crossing the mound’, ‘perfect or no-hit record streak, or no surprise bunts to pitchers on the mound (opponent team)’ The culture that expresses is the core of the unwritten rule.

Among them, there is an unwritten rule related to a ball that fits the body. The pitcher does not apologize even when the ball is thrown. The hit batter must get on base without showing any sign of pain. If the batter is in pain or even glares at the pitcher, the pitcher immediately responds with a roar. Bench clearing can happen just by staring at the batter hit by the ball.

In American baseball, there is a trend that favors flashy bat throwing and challenges the existing unwritten rules, centering on young players like Fernando Tanis Jr. (San Diego Padres). However, the weight of more than 150 years of history is still not small.

Ohtani is an exception. On the 6th against the Seattle Mariners, Ohtani won his first win of the season with a ‘double sword’ activity, such as 6 innings, 1 run, 2 walks, 1 RBI, and a timely hit.

There was another action that caught the attention of the American baseball world as much as Ohtani’s victory. On this day, Ohtani allowed four balls one after another to Ty Prince and Teosca Hernandez in the third inning. In particular, when Hernandez, who had been hit by a ball on his elbow, headed to first base, frowning at the surging pain, Ohtani put his hand on his hat and expressed his apology. In response, Hernandez also put his hand on his chest and acted as a nuance that it was okay.

Among the local broadcasters, conversations such as “Considering Ohtani’s humanity, the four balls cannot be intentional” and “The way he checks to see if (the hit player) is okay is also Ohtani-like. After all, he is a great player”. The Seattle Times, a local Seattle media outlet, also said, “Ohtani lifted his hat. He conveyed his heart that it was not intentional. Hernandez also said he was fine.”

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