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“I also get volleyball advice, but Catbell’s tension helps the team a lot.”

Korea Expressway Corporation, directed by Kim Jong-min, said goodbye to Katarina Jovic (registered name Katarina) at the end of the last 3 days. Although he was responsible for a certain level of attack, it was difficult to bring the powerful attack expected from a foreign player because there was a limit in attack when he was in the rear.

The player Kim Jong-min chose as a substitute was Catherine Bell (registered name Catbell). In the 2015-16 season she played for GS Caltex, and last season she played for Heungkuk Life Insurance, so she is a name familiar to domestic volleyball fans as well.슬롯사이트

In the 2015-16 season, the first season of the V-League, Catbell recorded 607 points in 30 games, a 37.59% attack success rate, and 0.72 blocks per set. He ranked 3rd in attack percentage, 4th in scoring, and 2nd in blocking. He was named the BEST7 middle blocker that season.

In the 2021-22 season, he played 33 games and scored 773 points with an attack success rate of 36.52%. He was third in scoring and seventh in offensive percentage.

He played 5 games after coming to Road Works. 95 points, attack success rate 35.25%. His breathing cannot be considered perfect yet, but he is giving great strength to road construction, such as raising the score of a back attack that was not seen with Katarina. After joining Catbell, the Road Corporation recorded 3 wins and 2 losses. Current ranking is 3rd.

“I think it will still take time. As coach Kim Jong-min said, “I have to give myself some time to play normally,” it seems that if a little more time passes and I adjust my breathing through practice with the setter, I will show more terrifying power.

Catbell’s joining did not only strengthen the team’s offensive power. The atmosphere of the road construction has changed drastically by joining Catbell, who is usually full of excitement. He roars when he scores a goal on the court, and when his teammates score a goal or rain rains, he runs to them first and rejoices and hugs them. The players feel it, and coach Kim Jong-min knows it.

Manager Kim Jong-min said, “Catbell is an interesting player. He has great action too. He is a brighter, more positive player than I thought.”

Park Jung-ah said, “I’m the same age as Catbell, and we share the same position. We talk a lot. She gets a lot of help from Catbell. She gets volleyball advice as well, but her tension is a big help to me,” she laughs.

Jung Dae-young also said, “Catbell is always high-tension. Originally, we were a calm team, but one cat bell raised our excitement. If the cat bell goes down a little, Bae Yoo-na takes on the role of the next mood maker and raises the excitement,” she smiled.

Of course, besides excitement, you can’t ignore strength in attacks. On the 24th, against Hyundai E&C, he scored 19 points, the highest for both teams, and gave strength to the team’s first victory of the season against Hyundai E&C.

Jung Dae-young said, “Catbell gives goals at important moments. The Hyundai E&C match was also in a situation where it was possible to go to the 5th set, but the cat bell cuts off the flow. As a result, Jung-a goes up together. It is true that it is difficult because there are consecutive matches, but I think the team will become more solid if Catbell works more closely with our players.”

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