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Last year, I almost lost my direction as a golf player when I couldn’t wear the Taegeuk mark. Even in the moment of his crisis, he stands up again with his mental strength. This is the story of Kim Geun-woo (21, BC Card), who was called the ‘future of Korean golf’ after winning two consecutive victories for the first time in the history of ‘Young Guns Match Play’. Kim Geun-woo is aiming for this year’s ‘winner’ with his ‘trick’ spirit.

Kim Geun-woo, who tied for 18th at the’KPGA (Korea Professional Golf) Korean Tour QT’ held in November last year, will enter the KPGA Korean Tour stage in the 2023 season as a new player. Kim Geun-woo said, “I am excited and happy.” “I want to prepare hard before the start and perform well throughout the season. I will play confidently with the spirit of a rookie,” he said.

He started playing golf in earnest when he was 11 years old먹튀검증 , in the 4th grade of elementary school. At the time, he dreamed of being both a soccer and golf player, but he was more interested in golf and grabbed his club. From 2017 to 2022, when he was an amateur, Kim Geun-woo was active as a national standing army, and in 2019 and 2020, when he was a student at Jungsan High School, he won two consecutive victories in the junior competition ‘Young Guns Match Play’. He had been looking forward to being selected as a national representative for a long time as a member of the National Standing Army, but in the end he could not wear the Taegeuk mark.

He said, “It was really sad. He almost lost his direction as a golfer when he failed to make the national team roster in 2022. He overcame it well with the help of those around him.” “Last year, he succeeded in joining the KPGA Pro and KPGA Tour Pros one after another. Afterwards, he was active in the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour’ and achieved good results in the ‘KPGA Korean Tour QT’. It was like a dream. Now he just wants to get good results as a professional player,” he said with strength.

Although he went through difficult times, he endured it with his ‘drama’ spirit. Is it because of toughness? He introduced himself as ‘a player who does not break easily’. When he entered the game, he said that his strength was to calmly overcome a crisis situation. Kim Geun-woo said, “The spirit is strong. As a result, it holds up well. It is not difficult to play in rainy or windy weather. Rather, there are many times when the score is better than when it is clear (laughs).” “The clutch ability is lacking. When he gets a chance, the putt success rate that determines the game is low,” he confessed.

On the 15th of last month, he began field training in Palm Springs, California, USA. He is concentrating on improving his putting ability and practicing his wedge shot within about 100m.

Kim Geun-woo’s goal for the 2023 season is to catch two rabbits: winning and winning the Castelbajac Rookie Award (Myeongchul Award). He said, “Currently (Lee) Jae-kyung is training with his older brother. Like Jaekyung hyung, I want to win the championship in his debut season and win the ‘Castel Bajac Rookie of the Year’ award,” he expressed his strong will.

At the same time, Kim Geun-woo said, “I once participated in the ‘Genesis Championship’ as the winner of the ‘Young Guns Match Play’ in 2020. He missed the cut, but it was a good experience.” I will work with an attitude of learning, but if the opportunity comes, I will not miss it.

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