Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed a contract worth over $100 million for the first time in team history.

Pittsburgh agreed today 메이저놀이터(26th) to an 8-year, $106.75 million contract with team’s center hitter Brian Reynolds (28). It starts with an annual salary of $6.75 million this year, receives $10 million next year, $12 million the next year, $14 million in 2026, and $15 million from 2027 to 2030.

2031 also included a team option that gave the team the right to a one-year extension for $20 million. If the team waives its right to re-sign, it must pay Reynolds $2 million.

The deal is the largest in Pittsburgh franchise history. The team’s top signing so far is third baseman Kybrian Hayes, 26, who signed an eight-year, $70 million contract in April of last year.

In particular, as this contract does not have an opt-out to apply for FA and includes the right to refuse trades to the 6 major clubs, Reynolds is expected to virtually play as a ‘lifetime pirate’. Considering that Reynolds publicly asked for a trade ahead of the season, both Pittsburgh and Reynolds appear to have made a big deal.

As much as that, the contract with Reynolds is interpreted as containing Pittsburgh’s will to produce results in the future. He is trying to stabilize the offense and defense by making Hayes and Reynolds the center of the infield and outfield, respectively.

For years, Pittsburgh has used a strategy of ‘tanking’ and transfusing prospects by trading key players close to free agents. In 2018, who were competing in the postseason, outfielder Austin Meadows, pitcher Tyler Glasnow, and pitcher Shane Barz were sent at once to receive Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer, but after failing to advance to fall baseball due to Archer’s extreme sluggishness, he started tanking from 2019. Turned around.

Currently, Pittsburgh defies most expectations and is 16-8, leading the National League Central. Thanks to the initial blast, he recently signed an extension contract with manager Derek Shelton.

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