Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Toronto player Ryu Hyun-jin gave up 3 runs in 6 innings for the first time in 480 days, a so-called ‘quality start’, but lost due to poor batting line.온라인바카라 I became a pitcher.

Ryu Hyun-jin defeated the Texas striker, the American League’s ‘leading team batting average’, with aggressive pitching early in the game.

He continued his ‘no hit’ streak until the 3rd inning by catching the first pitch strike with perfect ball control, but was dealt a blow by the opposing batting line that was more aggressive in the 4th inning.

He allowed a single to leadoff hitter Corey Seager on the first pitch, then hit a two-run home run to left field on the first pitch to the next hitter, Grossman.

Ryu Hyun-jin gave up one more run with a sacrifice fly after getting two hits in the sixth inning, but he fulfilled his duty by giving up three runs in six innings and making a quality start for the first time since returning from injury in 480 days since May of last year.

The team lost 6-3, and Ryu Hyun-jin became the losing pitcher despite fighting back, and recorded a season record of 3 wins and 3 losses.

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