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Edgardo Lasalvia,

the former agent of Darwin Núñez, made a shocking revelation.

He is a top striker from Uruguay. He has a solid physique of 187cm and stands out for his smooth movements and stepping skills as he is from South America. He possesses high speed compared to his height and is a versatile player who actively utilizes the side to develop an attack along with his vigorous activity.

He is currently 토스카지노at Liverpool, but his career began in his home league, the Peña Roll. Debuting on the adult stage in 2017, he steadily established himself and succeeded in entering the European stage in 2019. At the time, Almeria of the Spanish league, which highly evaluated his ability, decided to sign him by paying a whopping 15 million euros (approximately 21.8 billion won).

His agent played a big role here. At the time, Lasalvia had been Núñez’s agent since he was at Penarol Youth. At the time of the transfer to Almeria, he actively appealed for Núñez and helped him advance to the European stage.

Since then, Núñez’s career has been on the rise. In the first year of the 2019-20 season, he jumped to the starting lineup and showed his presence by recording 16 goals and 2 assists in 30 league games. Proving competitive in Europe, he left for Benfica a year after joining Almeria. Benfica invested a huge amount of 34 million euros (approximately 49.5 billion won) to recruit Nunez.

But at Benfica, Núñez parted ways with Lasalvia. It is because he prepared to leap to a higher place and signed a contract with ‘super agent’ Jorge Mendes, who was managing many Portuguese players at the time.

Lasalvia was shocked. According to the British media ‘Liverpool Echo’, he said, “I didn’t even have a chance to talk to Núñez. I found him at the airport, but he was reluctant to talk.” “I sent a boy from the company to find him. I tried to call him and expressed my affection through WhatsApp messages. But Núñez blocked me, saying he was starting a new path with another company.” explained.

I couldn’t hide my bitter feelings. He said, “Everyone has the right to choose their own life. But karma always comes back.”

He also expressed his anger at Benfica. “When I was at Benfica, they started biting at Núñez’s head,” La Salvia said. showed no response.

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