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Fabrizio Romano and Santi Auna were all in one voice.

‘Monster’ Min-jae Kim’s trip to Bayern Munich is getting closer and closer. On the 18th (Korean time), Romano, who boasts the best public confidence in the European soccer transfer market, posted on his SNS, “Bayern are getting closer to a complete personal agreement with Kim Min-jae. There are positive talks going on, and we’ve almost agreed on a contract until 2028. Bayern informed Kim Min-jae of their intention to pay the July buyout. “There are still no new offers from Manchester United,” he said. It was more advanced than the previous day.먹튀검증

On the 17th, Romano said, “Bayern is getting closer to a complete agreement with Kim Min-jae on personal terms. After Bayern explained the club’s project, a positive conversation ensued. “The current contract is almost agreed to until the 2027-2028 season. Bayern has informed Kim Min-jae of its intention to pay Napoli for a buyout that will be triggered in July,’ he said. He said at the end that ‘there was no Man United bid’.

Romano continues to actively convey Kim Min-jae’s move to Bayern. ‘Bayern presented the club’s project to Kim Min-jae this week. Currently, the situation is close to personal agreement. Kim Min-jae said, “Negotiations with Bayern are proceeding quickly.” He then said, ‘Man United are still interested, but nothing has been done’ and ‘the buyout will start in July’. Prior to that, he said, ‘Currently, Bayern is at the forefront of the recruitment of Kim Min-jae’. He then said, ‘Contrary to public reports, nothing has been agreed upon about Kim Min-jae’s Manchester fashion.’ Romano said, ‘Man United is in the recruitment race, but nothing has been accomplished’ and ‘What is certain is that Bayern’s name is also there before Kim Min-jae’s recruitment. Bayern want Kim Min-jae, and there is a possibility that they have already talked to the player’s side. All clubs are aware of the buyout clause, so now the important point is to convince the player.” Romano conveys the negotiations between Kim Min-jae and Bayern for four days in a row, further raising the possibility.

The same goes for reporter Auna of Foot Mercato. On the 18th, she reported the nuanced news that her trip to Bayern was virtually confirmed through her SNS. He said, ‘Kim Min-jae has chosen Bayern and other teams interested in him have been notified. The agent has reached an almost complete agreement locally,’ he said. “The annual salary reaches 10 million euros. The agent fee is also very high,’ he added, ‘Man United and Newcastle are already looking for another defender.’

Auna is the first reporter to report Kim Min-jae’s annual salary. He said, ‘Bayern Munich is negotiating a transfer with Kim Min-jae. The salary Bayern offered to Kim Min-jae reached 10 million euros (approximately 14 billion won).” This is higher than the 9 million euros that Manchester United were known to have offered. It is a special treatment similar to ‘Legend’ Thomas Müller and Manuel Neuer. “Bayern has no problem paying the Kim Min-jae buyout amount. Both sides are negotiating over agent fees,’ he added. He said that they are negotiating detailed terms.

He mentioned salary once again on the 17th, which he said was after tax. He said, “In the beginning of the negotiations, Kim Min-jae’s preferred place was the English Premier League, especially Manchester United.” This made Kim Min-jae change his mind,” he explained. “The agreement has not been fully reached, but Kim Min-jae is prioritizing Bayern. “Conversations are ongoing,” he said. According to German tax law, about 45% is taken away, and 10 million euros after tax is equivalent to about 18 million euros before tax. It’s really a super treat.

Kim Min-jae’s move to Bayern even came up with a specific transfer fee. Italy’s Sky Sports reported the new transfer fee for Kim Min-jae. Contrary to previous reports, the size of the transfer fee increased even more. Sky Sports said, ‘Negotiations between Bayern and Kim Min-jae are going on in a very specific way. Bayern is ready to pay 70 million euros (approximately 97 billion won) to sign Kim Min-jae in the transfer market this summer.’ He continued, “For small and medium-sized clubs, the buyout amount is set at 50 million euros, but as Bayern is large, the buyout amount to be paid has increased.” Although it is relatively large, the Bayern side has already conveyed its intention to pay it to Kim Min-jae.

A completely unexpected and surprising development. Even at first, Kim Min-jae was in an atmosphere that confirmed the man trend. It even came up with a specific salary and transfer date. Subsequently, there was even a report saying that the man fashion was confirmed. Italy’s Ilmartino said, ‘Kim Min-jae has finished preparing for the transfer to Manchester United. He said he would join on July 1st if the buyout amount was paid. He continued, “Kim Min-jae’s annual salary jumps from 2 million euros he received at Naples to 9 million euros.” The Sun said, “Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United has been confirmed,” and “Kim Min-jae will be officially joined on July 1 as Manchester United’s first signing this summer.”

The story of Kim Min-jae and Manchester United lasted for over a month. Man Utd, whose defense is protected by the Rafael Varane-Lisandro Martinez combination, is suffering from durability problems of the two players. Victor Lindelof and Eric Bailly are also plagued by frequent injuries. By recruiting Kim Min-jae, they definitely want to have a championship defense team. This is the background in which director Ten Hagh pointed out Minjae Kim. However, although Man Utd is receiving a lot of annual salary, the issue of Harry Maguire’s release, which has been degraded to a gyereuk, is not solved, and the most important takeover problem is entangled. It is the appearance of the feet twisting at the most important finishing stage.

On the 15th, when Kim Min-jae went to military training, the air flow completely changed. Reports about Bayern were pouring in. It started with a report by Florian Plettenberg of Sky Sports in Germany. He said on his SNS that ‘Kim Min-jae is definitely a resource Bayern is watching’ and ‘for a few weeks he will be a target in the hot transfer market. However, Bayern know that Manchester United are actively pushing for the signing of Kim Min-jae. Eric ten Haag definitely wants him.” Auna told a more specific story. He said, ‘Last week, Kim Min-jae and the Bayern side held a meeting. The first conversation was positive. The first proposal has been passed on to the agent, and negotiations will continue.”

Then, Sport 1 and Kicker, which have the highest public confidence in Germany, came out. Sport 1 says: ‘With Luca Hernandez and Benjamin Pavard likely to leave at the same time, Bayern are preparing for change. According to our information, Italian champion Napoli defender Kim Min-jae has come into Bayern’s sights.’ Then, ‘Kim Min-jae was not a name that was strongly discussed even last May when former general manager Hasan Salihamidzic spoke out. But coach Thomas Tuchel and the new Bayern ‘transfer team’ see Kim Min-jae, nicknamed the ‘Monster’, as an interesting solution. Kim Min-jae is a true substitute. Bayern contacted Kim Min-jae,’ he added.

Even the kicker, who is called the king of the end, mentioned the possibility of Kim Min-jae going to Bayern. The kicker said, ‘Bayern are targeting Kim Min-jae as a potential replacement if Pavar and Hernandez leave the team this summer.’ Bayern could easily pay this amount should Hernandez move to Paris Saint-Germain. Kicker continued, “Bayern met with Kim Min-jae’s agent and had a positive conversation.”

Bayern, in particular, jumped into the race to recruit Kim Min-jae as coach Tuchel actively wanted it. Bayern are preparing to overhaul their defense this summer. This season, Dayo Upamecano and Pavard kept the center, with Matais de Ligt as the axis. I was not very satisfied. Hernandez has been plagued by frequent injuries. Bayern still want to bring in a new defender after clearing Hernandez and Pavard, who are still in the spotlight. That’s Minjae Kim. Kim Min-jae is undoubtedly the best defender in the world this season. He won both the league championship and the league’s Most Valuable Player award in just one season. From the start, Kim Min-jae received a lot of attention for his fantastic performance, including receiving the Player of the Month award. All of the awards Kim Min-jae won were the first Asian players. Within a year, Kim Min-jae was recognized as the best defender in Italy, the home of defense. Kim Min-jae comes to Naples, and has inserted a contract that allows the buyout to work temporarily for 15 days from July 1 this summer. For only 55 to 70 million euros, Kim Min-jae can be recruited. As much as the world class center bag is precious, it is a reasonable price considering the current market price.

Initially, Bayern was looking for a left-footed center back in preparation for Hernandez’s departure. Villarreal’s Pau Torres was the highest-ranked candidate. However, it turned to Kim Min-jae. Plettenberg said, ‘Torres was a strong candidate under former manager Julian Nagelsmann. no progress now Bayern prioritize Kim Min-jae over Torres, and highly value Kim Min-jae as a replacement for Hernandez.” In fact, Kim Min-jae played as a left center back in Naples throughout the season and played a big role. Coach Tuchel is showing confidence in persuading Kim Min-jae, as he is a Korean-Korean coach who has worked with Koo Ja-cheol and Park Joo-ho in Mainz and Dortmund and highly praised them.

The possibility of going to Bayern is getting higher and higher. Of course, since the match for Kim Min-jae’s recruitment has changed from moment to moment, it’s an atmosphere that can’t be guaranteed. Lee Kang-in, who had been oriented toward Atletico Madrid and Aston Villa, suddenly turned to Paris Saint-Germain for a last-minute spurt. It has not been confirmed yet, but it is a very powerful situation to Paris Saint-Germain. Minjae Kim can do that too. As the buyout is determined by the transfer fee, the atmosphere can change again if a team is actively involved. Bayern, the most likely candidate right now, was not a team that was widely discussed throughout the Kim Min-jae saga. While Bayern are actively stepping out, there are reports that Paris Saint-Germain and Man City are aiming for hijacking. Both teams are in dire need of defenders. The outcome of the Kim Min-jae recruitment match is highly likely to be decided on July 1st, D-Day when the buyout is activated. As of right now, Bayern are leading the way.

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