Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The managing director started with the idea of ​​if KBL’s 11th club would exceed the salary cap?

The free agent (FA) market is hot this year. For various reasons, transfers are occurring serially. KBL limits the total annual salary of domestic players per team to not exceed 2.8 billion won. Each club must recruit domestic players within 2.8 billion won. Of course, even if the soft cap exceeds 2.8 billion won, you can pay part of the excess. This excess fund is used for the Youth Development Fund.토스카지노

KBL is currently operating as a 10-team system. The Sangmu Basketball Team (hereinafter referred to as Sangmu) of the Armed Forces Sports Unit is not included.

Ten people, including Heo Hoon, Kim Nak-hyun, and Song Gyo-chang, who joined the Sangmu in May 2022, are a combination that regained the honor of being a D-League predator. In particular, the combination of Heo Hoon, Kim Nak-hyun, and Song Gyo-chang is a luxurious power that could only be seen on the national team list. Last season’s D-League winner is also Sangmu.

In addition, on May 15th, 8 successful candidates enlisted through Nonsan Training Center. After 4 weeks of training at the training center, he will go to Sangmu. Jeon Hyun-woo is scheduled to enlist in July after being diagnosed with Corona 19 ahead of his enlistment.

With the addition of Byun Jun-hyung and Park Ji-won, who were added to the Avengers, Sangmu became more colorful and rich. Not envious of 10 clubs. If you add up their annual salary, will it exceed the salary cap of 2.8 billion won stipulated by KBL?

Adding the salaries of 18 people exceeds the salary cap. It is 2.842 billion won.

Those who enlisted in 2022 are based on the 2021 annual salary, and those who enlisted in 2023 are based on 2022. Among them, the highest annual salary is Song Gyo-chang with 750 million won, followed by Heo Hoon with 460 million won.

Song Gyo-chang became a free agent in 2021, the year before enlistment, and won the 2020-2021 season MVP and at the same time, he was the main player in Jeonju KCC’s regular league championship, so he had the highest salary.

The managing director will announce one additional successful candidate on June 1st. Additional successful candidates will enlist on July 3 along with Jeon Hyun-woo. If the annual salary of the two is added together, the total annual salary of the managing director is higher. If he belonged to KBL, he would have to pay an excess amount. It means that the commercial power is strong.

*Senior Executive Ranked 5th in annual salary in the previous year of enlistment

  1. Song Gyo-chang 750 million won
  2. Heo Hoon 460 million won
  3. Kim Nak-hyun 300 million won
  4. Byun Jun-hyeong 280 million won
  5. Yoo Hyun-joon 140 million won

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