Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Yoon Seong-yeol, a ‘founding member’ of Seoul E-Land FC, made a comeback as the first coach of the Reul Academy.

Seoul E-Land said, “On the 12th, we appointed Yoon Seong-yeol, a founding member of the club, as the first coach of the Reul Academy, and from that day onwards, we will start teaching classes for the supply class program.”스포츠토토

Seoul E-Land Reul Academy, led by coach Yoon Seong-yeol, is a youth program run by the club. It was established with the intention of discovering and developing good players through close collaboration with the affiliated youth elite U-12 team.

Head coach Yun Seong-yeol, who made his professional debut at FC Machida Zelvia in Japan’s J3 League in 2011, went through Matsumoto Yamaga FC in the J2 League and joined Seoul E-Land as a founding member in 2015, taking his first steps in the K-League.

Coach Yoon Seong-yeol, who devoted himself to the team as a defensive midfielder and left and right fullback based on his vigorous activity, sincere play, and multiplayer ability, played 65 games in 4 seasons at E-Land in Seoul, excluding military service.

Coach Yoon Seong-yeol, who started his second life as a youth leader after going through Cheongju FC, Gimpo FC, and Tochigi City FC, returned to his home team after four years.

Based on the experience gained in Japan and Korea, coach Yoon Seong-yeol plans to incorporate all soccer know-how to build the best youth system by starting to develop a player training system as well as a profitable business model.

Reul Academy, which started its first class on the 12th, is Seoul E-Land’s unique educational system that teaches the joy of soccer to both male and female students in grades 2-4 of elementary school from Monday to Friday. It is held at the multi-purpose stadium of Mokdong Sports Complex, and all classes are limited to 10 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are also special benefits for participants. First, 50 people on a first-come, first-served basis will be given a joining fee exemption, and all members will be given a ticket to watch Seoul E-Land’s home game. In addition, various experience-type events such as home game escort kids experience, Mokdong Stadium Reul Park tour, and summer soccer camp will be provided.

Coach Yoon Seong-yeol said, “It feels new to come back to Seoul E-Land as a manager, not as a player after taking off my soccer shoes. I will do my best to achieve the goals the club wants to achieve together.” And I will do my best to give children not only soccer skills, but also character education and fun outside of soccer.”

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