Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Shin Min-joon, 9th Dan, has risen to the top of the 2022 Crown Haitai Cup.

In the 2022 Crown Hae-Baek Tae-3 Finals 2nd Station held at the Go TV Studio of Korea Kiwon in Seoul on the 5th, Shin Min-joon won a hundred non-success over Park Gun-ho, 6th Dan, in 146 moves. Shin Min-joon, who reached the top of the competition for the first time 토토사이트, received 30 million won in prize money.

Shin Min-joon, 9th Dan, who had a disqualified victory in the first country the previous day with black, won the championship cup with a complete victory in the second country as well.

The Korea Kiwon said, “The two players showed a tight flow until the middle, but after the middle, Park Kun-ho’s mistake (black 117), Shin Min-joon, 9th dan, responded without missing and seized the victory.”

Shin Min-joon said, “In the past, I won a lot against Gun-Ho Park, 6th Dan, but I expected it to be a difficult final because Gun-Ho Park’s 6th-dan skill has improved recently. However, in this final series, I was in good condition and showed my skills. I want to continue my upward trend with this win.”

Shin Min-jun, who added two wins in this final, widened his opponent to 7 wins and 2 losses. Park Kun-ho, who was caught by Shin Min-jun in the round of 32 of the last tournament, was unable to cross the wall this time as well.

Crown Haitai Bae, in which 91 professional players under the age of 25 participated in the preliminaries, were given 20 seconds of additional time for each 20 minutes in a time cumulative way. The runner-up prize is 12 million won.

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