Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The New York Yankees are considered to be the favorites to win the American League East division. However, holes were drilled in the New York Yankees starting lineup.

The New York Yankees formed a one-two punch of 온라인바카라Gerrit Cole (33) and Carlos Rodon (31) ahead of the 2023 season. The power of this one-two punch is expected to compete with the best in the major leagues.

Next, Nestor Cortes (29), Luis Severino (29), and Frankie Montas (30) were also evaluated as top-notch.

Clearly, it was the same evaluation as above until February. On the 27th, a month after that (hereafter Korean time). Rodon, Severino, and Montas left the New York Yankees starting lineup.

Montas is scheduled to return in the second half. Rodon and Severino’s injuries are known to be minor. But the problem is that there is little confidence in the health of Rodon and Severino.

The New York Yankees fill their vacancy with Clark Schmidt (27), Domingo Hermann (31) and Johnny Brito (25). Three out of five starters are substitutes.

Of course, the substitute may perform better than the pitcher in the original starting lineup. However, it is clear that the plan was disrupted.

This is something the New York Yankees have brought on themselves. The New York Yankees signed Rodon, who came out of the free agent market this winter, to a six-year, $162 million contract.

Rodon is obviously a player whose physical condition can be questioned. However, the New York Yankees struck a deal with Rodon. Rodon was then sidelined with an injury before the start of his first season.

Of course, when there are no teeth, he can hold out with his gums. But the Toronto Blue Jays are no easy team. The Baltimore Orioles are also dark horses.

The New York Yankees will play the 2023 opening game against the San Francisco Giants at New Yankee Stadium, their home stadium, on the 31st. The starting pitcher is Ace Cole.

Attention is focusing on whether the New York Yankees, who had a hole in their starting lineup even before the opening, will be able to overcome this crisis and win the American League Eastern Championship as evaluated by various media outlets.

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