Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

300 easily, and the ability to easily pass 30 doubles every year. The Son A-seop (35, NC, photo) everyone knew is back.

As of the 1st, Son Ah-seop is recording a batting average of 0.301. He alone leads the league with 16 doubles. On the 20th of last month, he surpassed the 400 double mark for the 5th time in KBO history.

I am in the process of brushing off the sluggish memories of last year, the first season of my transfer to NC, but I have regrets. Son A-seop said, “I couldn’t pick out more walks than I thought, so there is a regrettable part as the number one hitter.” “However, the increase in doubles is positive. He doesn’t seem to have that stress, even if he’s not hitting homers, he’s got a lot of doubles.”메이저사이트

Even during field training this spring, there was a desire to hit more home runs by increasing the launch angle of the batted ball. However, he changed his strategy right after the opening. because of the accreditation. Son Ah-seop said, “The repulsive power of the official ball is very low. He said, “Other players also clearly feel it,” he said. He thought it would be more advantageous to produce line drives.”

Son A-seop has lowered his batting stance a bit this season. A-seop Son said, “I am pulling his front leg in advance. To get a quick start when he swings,” he explains. He continued, “Because his condition is slightly different every day, his form continues to change minutely. Although this is my 17th year, my form seems to have changed little by little almost every year.” It is a choice to survive on the professional stage.

This season, NC is second in the league with a team batting average of 0.266. Team OPS is also running 3rd with 0.722. One thing that is disappointing is the janru. His residual base per at-bat is the highest at 0.457. Son A-seop said, “I’m sorry that I put a burden on my juniors since I was a bit poor at the chance since I was a senior.” It is also said that a lot of left bases means that there are a lot of on bases. “Comparing a team that made five chances and a team that made ten chances, wouldn’t the team that made ten chances have a higher chance of failing (to score)?”

Son Ah-seop took over as captain this season. Captain Son Ah-seop’s goal is clear. He will play fall baseball at Changwon NC Park. NC even managed to win the first Korean Series since its foundation in 2020, but at the time, in the aftermath of Corona 19, it was unable to play the Korean Series at its home stadium.

Son A-seop said, “There are still close to 100 games left. NC can do better. We will show that the eyes of baseball officials who predicted the lower ranks were wrong by uniting the team.”

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