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The ‘Super Bowl’, the championship game of the American Professional Football (NFL), boasts the world’s largest scale among sports events held as a single game.

The 57th Super Bowl this year will be held at 8:30 a.m. on the 13th in Korea time at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, USA, where the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs will face each other. This is the first time the two teams will face each other in the Super Bowl.

Even if you don’t know much about football, your mouth will drop open just by hearing the huge money feast of the Super Bowl. There are well over 100 million Super Bowl viewers in the United States alone. The 2015 Super Bowl, between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, drew about 114 million people in front of the TV set, recording the highest viewership in history.

As more than 100 million viewers flock to the show, the unit cost of advertising is beyond imagination. Major corporations create separate 30-second commercials for the Super Bowl that will run only once. He mobilizes all kinds of ingenious ideas to captivate viewers. There are even rumors that people watch advertisements even when they don’t watch the games.

According to Fox News, most of the 30-second Super Bowl TV ads this year sold for over $6 million. Some advertisements have surpassed the all-time high of $7 million (about 8.9 billion won). For reference, the unit price of a 30-second advertisement in 2018 was $4.4 million (approximately KRW 5.6 billion). This is an increase of nearly 40% in just 5 years.

The fact that the advertising unit price rises dramatically means that the advertising is effective. According to data released last year by Conviva, a market research firm specializing in streaming media, about 60 Super Bowl commercials have been 온라인카지노viewed more than 600 million times online, including trailers and teasers. Forbes said, “A 6 billion won Super Bowl advertisement brings about twice that amount of 12 billion won in brand awareness.”

The price of tickets to watch the game is also exorbitant. According to information released three days before the game on a website specializing in ticket resale in the United States, the cheapest ticket to watch the Super Bowl was $5,581 (about 7.08 million won), and the most expensive ticket was $43,924 (about 55.69 million won). The average ticket price was $8,837 (approximately 11.21 million won).

Forbes, an American economic media outlet, estimated that in order to travel to Phoenix, Arizona, where the Super Bowl is held over the weekend, approximately $8,726 (about 11.06 million won) is needed for hotel and transportation, excluding ticket prices. It costs a lot of money to enjoy the atmosphere for two or three days in the city where the Super Bowl is held.

The ‘pot money’ pouring in for sports betting is also at an astronomical level. AZ Central, an Arizona local newspaper, predicted that “Super Bowl bets in Arizona alone will reach $ 700 million (approximately 887.6 billion won).” Arizona legalized sports betting in offline gambling venues such as casinos in 2021.

The scale of online betting, which has been active for a long time, is even more surprising. The Financial Times quoted the announcement of a US betting company and reported that about 16 billion dollars (approximately 20.2875 trillion won) of money had been collected. This is more than double the amount of $7.6 billion (approximately 9.6365 trillion won) last year. The US betting industry predicted that about 50 million people, or 15% of the total population of the United States of about 340 million, would participate in Super Bowl betting.

Even if you don’t have to buy game tickets yourself and do intuition or sports betting, the Super Bowl has a huge consumption effect.

According to the National Retail Federation, the largest distribution organization in the United States, the consumption inducement effect related to the Super Bowl is estimated to reach 16.5 billion dollars (approximately 20.9215 trillion won). Among them, food and beverages such as chicken, pizza, and beer account for 79%. Clothing purchases, such as uniforms to support a favorite team, follow at 12%. The scale of purchasing a new TV to properly enjoy the Super Bowl is also close to $2 billion (approximately 2.5359 trillion won).

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