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Bucheon has become an inseparable city and team for Nilsson Jr.

After joining Busan I-Park in 2014 and stepping on the K-League stage, he moved to Bucheon ahead of the 2017 season, and since then has been active in Bucheon in all but FC Anyang in the 2020 season. 

Nilsson, who spent five seasons in Bucheon, has played 140 games in Bucheon, and is now close to breaking the record of Kim Ryun-do (141 games), who has the most appearances in Bucheon. 

Nilsson, who has risen to the ranks of Bucheon legend, revealed his secret to playing in the K-League for a long time and how new foreign players should adapt through an interview held at Samsung Hotel in Geoje on the 13th. 

He said, “When foreign players come for the first time, we need to inform them in various ways in order to quickly adapt to Korean culture,” adding, “We need to quickly build mutual trust.”   

Here is Nilsson’s Q&A.

-The reason for renewing the contract for 1 year.

I am playing Korean soccer for a team called Bucheon. It’s a good team for me, and I love the city because my family lives in Bucheon and is comfortable and adapting well. After that, the fans and the club respect me and I feel comfortable being here. Being in a team called Bucheon feels like home. 

-Did you go to Anyang for a while to get

some fresh air? Isn’t there a case where you become independent when you get older and then come back?

-The driving force to play for a long time in the K-League

I have been adapting well for a long time now, but it was actually difficult when I first came. The style itself fits well with my style토토사이트, so I adapted well. I think the style suits you well. 

– As a foreign player and veteran, you seem to play a lot of roles.

First of all, taking a foreign player as an example, when a foreign player joins a team, it is the first time he has come, so we have to tell him about the culture of the country and the style of the team. In particular, when coming to Korea for the first time, foreign players should know the concept of time commitment, how to respect opponents, what attitude to take at the training ground, and what actions not to take. I think we should help each other so that we can unite in faith so that discord does not arise. 

In the case of young players, there are many young players in the central defensive line of our team this time. Last season was like that too. The things I tell the most are not in detail, but I have to keep talking a lot so that communication can be comfortable, and I am trying to tell you these things without thinking too quickly and without being afraid. That way, even when you enter the game, you can cope well with competing players and strikers. And you can play well next time. I try to give psychological stability rather than technical aspects. 

-There is only one game left in the record for the most players in Bucheon. (Kim Ryun-do 141 games / Nilsson 140 games) It is

actually not easy to achieve that record like this, and then, even though you are a foreigner, achieving the record itself is really easy. It’s not a thing. Maybe if you play this year’s game, you’ll be able to achieve a new record after one game, but I’m so grateful and happy for that.

-I feel a sense of responsibility because the team has changed as much as the main player left, but

when I first returned to Bucheon last year, I came back after two years and actually felt a sense of responsibility even then. I had a bit of responsibility, but now this year, it actually feels like that responsibility has doubled. 

There are too many young players, and then, organization is important in defense, so I try to talk a lot and try to help young players not to be scared anymore. I thought it would be helpful if I told you a little bit about my experience, and players Lee Dong-hee, Lee Poong-yeon, and Lee Yong-hyeok told me to talk with young players through the players who were in step with me last year and communicated like that. I’m trying to do some

-You must have a clearer sense of purpose because of the disappointing finish last season, but

I think all teams will be the same. Last year, we finished in 4th place, but that doesn’t mean we will start again this year in 4th place. We all start at the starting line, so we have to prepare well and try to do that.

In fact, we are also working hard on winter training, and the opening game is only two weeks away through practice games or something like that, but we have to make up for it well and work harder so that we can have a good match. -I’m not thinking too deeply about

whether I’m planning to retire in Korea, where I’ve been for a long time .

Because when I feel, ‘I’m a bit limited now, I think it’s going to be difficult now’, I think I’ll start thinking that way from then on. I didn’t feel that way yet, so I didn’t think too much about it.

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