Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Manager Eric ten Haag has changed the team to the point that even Sir Alex Ferguson fell in love with him.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 6th (Korean time), “Sir Ferguson was enthusiastic about the fate of Manchester United. Ten years after Sir Ferguson’s 메이저사이트departure, Manchester United’s fortunes have improved. Sir Ferguson has always been a regular at Old Trafford matches, but now he is Manchester United. away matches are also regular customers. Sir Ferguson is crazy about Ten Haag.”

Sir Ferguson is the legendary manager of Manchester United. Sir Ferguson, who took charge of Manchester United in 1986, put Manchester United on top of the world with his youth policy, unique squad management, and tactical skills. Sir Ferguson took charge of the team until the 2012-13 season and lifted 38 trophies, including 13 English Premier League (EPL) titles and two UEFA Champions League (UCL) titles.

But when Sir Ferguson stepped down as manager, United crashed. Coach David Moyes was appointed as the successor coach, but he resigned before completing his first year in charge, and coaches such as Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did not take charge of the team for a long time. It was difficult to expect to win the league, and every season, the goal was to advance to the UCL.

10 years have already passed. Manchester United appointed Ten Haag as manager just before the start of the season to restore former glory. Despite some trial and error at the beginning of the season, manager Ten Haag has certainly turned United into a strong team. This is the result of only 6 months. There are still few expectations that Manchester United will win the league, but at least over the past decade they have become a team with a different status.

First of all, coach Ten Hag made Old Trafford a fortress. Manchester United recorded 16 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses from 19 matches played at home in all competitions this season. He scored 40 goals and conceded only 11 goals. He also ran an undefeated streak of 10 matches in all competitions (ending with a 2-3 loss against Arsenal), and the league rankings are rising vertically and are in 3rd place. The English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) reached the final and challenged the championship cup in six years.

Still a long way to go. There is a point gap between Arsenal and Manchester City, and Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur are chasing. However, manager Ten Hagh must be the manager Manchester United fans wanted.

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