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The LG Twins batting order adjustment ended in failure.

LG lost 1-3 in the home game against NC Dinos held in Jamsil on the 4th. LG, who was dragged by opponent starter Lee Jae-hak with a no-hit and no-run until the 5th inning, started with Heo Do-hwan’s first hit at the end of the 6th inning and sent out every runner to press the NC, but only one player came home. LG, which gave 2 points in the 2nd inning and 1 point in the 3rd inning, did not concede an additional point in the super strong rain that continued to put in Pil Seung-jo, but failed to score and could not prevent a sweep loss against NC.안전놀이터

On this day, LG launched its first batting line this season. Park Hae-min (#1), Moon Seong-ju (#2), Hong Chang-ki (#3), Austin Dean (#4), and Bo-kyung Moon (#5) formed the top lineup. LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “We gathered 5 good hitters and made it possible to solve it in the top batting line.” Kim Hyun-soo, who usually hit 3, came down to 6, and Oh Ji-hwan, who hit 5 and 6, hit 7. It consisted of No. 8 Heo Do-hwan and No. 9 Shin Min-jae, and seven left-handed batters faced Lee Jae-hak, the older brother of three quarters. Director Yeom said, “I hope Kim Hyun-soo and Oh Ji-hwan solve the chances created in the top batting line.”

However, the new batting line had to play hard. Not being able to attack Lee Jae-hak’s ball at all. I know Lee Jae-hak’s quick fastball and changeup two-pitch, but it was not easy to hit with a regular hit after he showed such a good pitch.

The 2023 KBO League LG Twins and NC Dinos match was held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 4th. LG Hyun-soo Kim and his teammates greet the fans after confirming the team’s 1-3 defeat. Jamsil = Reporter Moonyoung Choi /2023.06.04/
LG, which was dragged with no hits and no runs until the 5th inning, changed the atmosphere with Huh Do-hwan’s first hit at the end of the 6th inning, trailing 0-3. Following Lee Jae-hak’s wild throw, Shin Min-jae’s surprise bunt hit in No. 9 gave him a chance to secure 1st and 3rd base. However, Park Hae-min’s well-hit ball was sucked into first baseman Do Tae-hun’s mitt, and Shin Min-jae, the first base runner who led the game, was also out and became second out and third base, and Moon Seong-joo stopped at center fielder’s fly and did not score.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Seongdu Hong Chang-ki walked and Austin hit the ball, making it to 1st and 2nd base safely. However, 5th Moon Bo-kyung’s left fielder’s fly made it one out, and Kim Hyun-soo’s ground ball in front of the second baseman barely managed to score one point. Oh Ji-hwan, second out and third baseman, struck out three pitches from left-handed pitcher Kim Yeong-gyu.

The last chance came in the bottom of the ninth. Against NC finisher Kim Si-hoon, Hong Chang-ki and Moon Bo-kyung picked a walk and made 1st and 2nd bases. Kim Hyun-soo came out at bat. He swung the 5th pitch in 2B2S, but struck out. Even Oh Ji-hwan struck out on a miss in 1B2S and the game ended.

Kim Hyun-soo and Oh Ji-hwan continued to feel bad at hitting, so I lowered them to 6 and 7, but a chance came to them, and they couldn’t show a reversal.

Kim Hyun-soo recorded 1 RBI in 4 at-bats that day, and Oh Ji-hwan was silent with 4 at-bats and no hits. I couldn’t help but wonder that Park Dong-won, who took a break that day, did not come out as a substitute.

LG had eight chances to score that day, but only one hit was a surprise bunt hit by Shin Min-jae at second base. On this day, LG scored only three hits. It is a sign that coach Yeom’s batting order concerns will continue.

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