Wed. May 31st, 2023

 Once the opportunity came.

FC Anyang striker Park Jae-yong (23) set his goal from the beginning of the season to promote the team and participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games. He was definitely in good shape from his winter training. However, prior to the opening, he had to leave for a while due to an injury. Then, with the departure of foreign striker Jonathan, Park Jae-yong had another chance.

Park Jae-yong카지노사이트 made use of the opportunity that came to him. “An opportunity that never comes,” he said, all to himself. He proved his worth by scoring his first multi-goal against Bucheon FC, his first game since the departure of Jo Nathan.

Park Jae-yong is a 193cm tall striker. He is excellent in his power of delivery and is good at shooting. Although his link play is 2% disappointing, he is also active as a striker. Anyang coach Lee Woo-hyeong also highly evaluated Park Jae-yong, saying, “Park Jae-yong has the potential to do as well as Cho Kyu-seong.”

In the end, he was promoted to the U-24 national team in recognition of his performance this season. The U-24 national team will be convened and trained at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) for three days from the 15th.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong, who leads the U-24 national team, contacted coach Lee Woo-hyeong and asked about Park Jae-yong’s playing style as well as lifestyle factors. Coach Hwang personally visited the Anyang Sports Complex to watch the match between Anyang and Busan I-Park in the 12th round. Park Jae-yong, who started this day, struggled against the Busan defenders, but coach Hwang selected Jae-yong Park.

Even so, it is still unknown whether Park Jae-yong will be able to participate in the Asian Games. Overseas players Oh Se-hun (Shimizu) and Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic) are mentioned as forward strikers for the Asian Games. Chun Seong-hun, who is newly emerging at Incheon United, is also a competitor. Chun Seong-hoon was also included in this call. Although excluded from this list, Lee Ho-jae (Pohang Steelers) and Heo Yul (Gwangju FC) are also resources that go back and forth to the national team. The opportunity has come. Attention is focusing on whether Park Jae-yong will be able to take advantage of the opportunity and board the Asian Games.

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