Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

 The first playoff match between Russell Westbrook (LA Clippers) and Kevin Durant (Phoenix) drew attention, but the main character was Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers took the lead.

The Los Angeles Clippers won a 115-110 reversal in the first leg of the first round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs against the Phoenix Suns held at the Phoenix Footprint Center in Arizona, USA on the 17th (Korean time).

Kawhi Leonard (38 points, 3 3-pointers, 5 rebounds, 5 assists) showed firepower,온라인카지노, and Ibaka Zubachi (12 points, 14 rebounds) recorded a double-double. Russell Westbrook (9 points, 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocked shots) showed off his field hunting (3/18), but showed off his presence with decisive free throws and defense at the end of the 4th quarter.

On the other hand, in Phoenix, Kevin Durant (27 points, 3 3-pointers, 9 rebounds, 11 assists, 2 blocks) and Chris Paul (7 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists, 2 steals) played a triple-double, but it was regrettable that the outer defense collapsed in the 4th quarter. swallowed

The face-to-face match between the Clippers and Phoenix drew a lot of attention in that it was the first playoff match between Westbrook and Durant, who played a one-two punch during their Oklahoma City Thunder days. The Clippers signaled a good start by blocking Durant at the beginning of the game. Even Westbrook actively participated in cooperative defense, tying Durant scoreless in the first quarter and ending the first quarter with a score of 30-18.

The Clippers, who continued their momentum until the middle of the second quarter with Leonard’s tough shots in succession, faced a crisis afterward. Cracks appeared in the defense, providing an excuse for pursuit. The Clippers finished the second quarter with 17 runs and 59-54 chased by Durant, who displayed firepower from inside and outside.

The third quarter was an unpredictable close game. As the Clippers put Leonard’s firepower first, Phoenix took advantage of the opportunity to derive from Durant. The Clippers, who had been in a bloody battle with the score repeated since the middle of the third quarter, added Norman Powell’s support shot at the end of the third quarter to end the third quarter with a score of 81-81.

It was at the end of the 4th quarter that the Clippers, who continued to be a tight game in the 4th quarter, seized the victory. The Clippers, who poured cold water on Phoenix with Leonard’s consecutive 3-point shots, added Eric Gordon’s 3-point shot to bring the flow. 17.7 seconds before the end of the game, which was chased by 1 point, Westbrook made both free throws and ran away with a 3-point lead.

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