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The excellent defense of Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) was also proven statistically. It has been predicted that when the major league season is over, he can receive the Fielding Bible Award, one of the major league (ML) defensive awards.

On the 2nd (Korean time), John Dewan, CEO of SIS (Sports Info Solutions), a US statistical media, predicted the winners by position, saying, “Find out the Fielding Bible Award winners by position in advance” on his SNS.메이저놀이터

The Fielding Bible Award, which started in 2006, is an award given to the statistically best defensive player in the major leagues. Unlike the Gold Glove, which is given one for each league for each position, it is awarded only to one player with the best defense in that position. SIS is the organizer that presents the Fielding Bible Award, and this award was announced before the Gold Glove, giving a barometer that makes it possible to predict who will win the Gold Glove that year. Since statistical indicators are given top priority in the selection process, it is also evaluated that it is a little more objective than the Gold Glove, which reflects 30% of the opinions of players and coaches.
According to Dewan, Kim Ha-seong was the first among all second basemen in the major leagues. He was followed by Marcus Simeon (Texas), Andres Jimenez (Cleveland), Mauricio Dubon (Houston), and Tyro Estrada (San Francisco) in a tie for second place. In the DRS (Defensive Run Save, which shows how many runs were prevented) indicators provided by the official website of the Fielding Bible Award, Ha-seong Kim ranked first in the second baseman category with +7.

Not only that, no matter where he played, Kim Ha-seong was a defender who performed above the major league average. He was tied with Ramon Loriano (Oakland) for second in the major leagues with +10 DRS for all positions combined with +2 DRS for third basemen and +1 DRS for shortstops. First place is Kevin Kiermeier (Toronto) with +12 points. In terms of DRS defensive metrics alone, he is the top 3 defender in the major leagues.

Kim Ha-seong./AFPBBNews=News 1

Kim Ha-seong./AFPBBNews=News 1

In another indicator, OAA (Outs Above Average, which indicates how many more out counts he catches than the league average), Ha-seong Kim was a top 5 second baseman. By the time the game was finished on the 2nd, Ha-sung Kim’s second base OAA was +4, tied for third in the major leagues and tied for second in the national league with Nico Horner.

As a result of showing excellent defense, Kim Ha-seong recorded a batting average of 0.241, 5 homers, 18 RBIs, 10 steals, and an OPS of 0.717 in 52 games, but a bWAR (Baseball Reference Standard Contribution to Win vs. I’m on my 1st place. He is making a bigger contribution to the team than Xander Bogarts, who ran for 280 million dollars in 11 years (approximately 371.8 billion won), and Manny Machado, who paid 350 million dollars in 11 years (approximately 464.8 billion won).
As such, attracting attention in various defensive indicators is positive for the first Korean major league Gold Glove award race. In selecting the Gold Glove, 25% of the SABR defense index SDI is reflected, and the remaining 75% is the vote sent by the manager and coach of each team to players other than their own team. Various defensive indicators are provided for reference to players and coaches before voting.

In addition, when voting for players who have not met many players due to differences in leagues and districts, the direction of the player’s name may change, so the title of ‘the best defensive player in San Diego’ is likely to work favorably in future Gold Glove awards.

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