Tue. May 30th, 2023

 Chelsea have chosen Frank Lampard as interim manager for the rest of the season. 

Chelsea officially announced Lampard’s return as manager on the 6th (Korean time), saying, “We have appointed Lampard as interim manager. His contract period is until the end of this season.” 

Chelsea, who sacked coach Graham Porter on the 3rd for poor performance, will entrust Lampard with the remaining league and UEFA Champions League schedules in the future. 

Chelsea are currently in 11th place in the league with 39 points,바카라사이트 and in the case of the Champions League, advance to the quarter-finals and face Real Madrid ahead. 

Lampard is a legend at Chelsea. He scored 211 goals in 13 seasons at Chelsea during his active career. Chelsea have achieved great achievements with ‘Player Lampard’, including three Premier League titles, four FA Cup titles and one Champions League title.

He also worked with Chelsea as manager. Lampard, who started the 2018/19 season as manager at Derby County, took over as Chelsea manager the following season, 2019/20. In his first season as Chelsea manager, Lampard managed to finish fourth and advance to the Champions League despite the team’s difficult situation. 

Lampard and Chelsea’s partnership as managers did not last long. Chelsea immediately sacked Lampard the following season after he finished 10th in the league in the first half of the season. 

However, Chelsea eventually called Lampard back as Porter’s successor and ‘fireman’ after two years.

As Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique, who were initially mentioned as the next managers, wanted to take over the summer, Chelsea, who needed a manager to take over the rest of the season, and Lampard, who needed a turning point in their coaching career, seemed to agree. 

However, it is unclear whether Chelsea’s emergency appearance by Lampard will lead to a rebound in Chelsea’s performance for the remainder of the season. 

Lampard won 44 wins in 84 matches at Chelsea and achieved a 52.3% win rate, but later at Everton, he showed limitations in the tactical part and only won 12 wins in 44 games with a win rate of 27.2%. The overall win rate of Premier League teams also fell to 42.3%. 

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