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The San Diego Padres are evaluated as having built the most dynamic and promising batting line among the 30 major league clubs. If you look at the name value or performance alone, it is a majesty that opponent pitchers will have a hard time.

It also cost a lot of money.안전놀이터 Including giving Manny Machado a total of $350 million over 11 years, Fernando Tatis Jr. invested a total of $340 million over 14 years, and invested a total of $280 million over 11 years in Xander Bogatz. The amount to be given to the three players from this year alone amounts to 970 million dollars (approximately 1.3 trillion won). If the rest of the players are included, the amount jumps even higher.

It was a batting line with the most outstanding talents in the major leagues, recognized by self and others. San Diego expected them to bring fans to the stands and lead the team’s performance with fresh, dynamic and exciting offense. But this season, I don’t see that kind of excitement yet. On the contrary, there is only a sense of thorough betrayal that is difficult to find throughout major league history.

San Diego has a team batting average of 0.226 as of the 17th (Korean time). Considering that Tampa Bay, the league leader, is recording 0.275 and Arizona, the National League leader, is recording 0.271, it is too low. His OPS, the sum of his on-base percentage and slugging percentage, was 0.698, only 20th in the league. Considering the money spent, it is the most cost-effective lineup in the league.

The problem is that such silence continues even in the scoring zone. This season, San Diego is recording a shocking batting average of 0.195 in scoring range. Last in the league. San Diego is the only major league team with a batting average of less than 20% in scoring position. Even Oakland (28th), who said it can’t hit, has a batting average of 0.217 in the team’s scoring position. Detroit (.209), 29th, is also over 20%.

Throughout major league history, there has never been a team with a team scoring position batting average of less than 20%. Usually, the scoring position batting average slightly exceeds the team batting average or is as much as the team batting average in many cases. But San Diego is breaking that common sense.

▲ Zander Bogarts, who served as a fixer at the beginning of the season, is falling endlessly in May.

It is a shocking betrayal. The stars who are said to represent the league are falling into players who are worse than the league average once they reach the scoring range. Bogaerts has a batting average of 0.154 in scoring position, Jake Cronenworth has a batting average of 0.162, Juan Soto has a batting average of 0.214 and Manny Machado has a mere 0.243. Ha-seong Kim is also not that good at 0.200, but compared to his teammates, it is at a slightly better level.

Tatis Jr. is struggling with 0.300, but it is not leading to an explosion in that there are many cases where he goes out to No. 1. San Diego has just 11 homers in scoring range this season. Even Bogatsu, who claimed to be the fixer at the beginning of the season, has cooled down since May and has not been seen as a fixer lately.

Even in the game against Kansas City on the 17th, despite picking up 8 hits and 4 walks, the score remained at 4 points. On this day, the team’s batting average in scoring position remained at no hits in 5 at-bats. If the batting average in scoring position is not high, there will be no scoring, which can be a factor that makes the team atmosphere sink and chased. This is why San Diego’s unique excitement is not alive. Attention is focusing on whether the San Diego batting line can escape the stigma of being the worst in the major leagues. Maybe that’s when San Diego will hit it off.

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