Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

“Let’s reduce it by 0.2 seconds. Then we can go to the best stealing rate,” said Dong-Won Park with a confident voice to the legend who set the goal. On the 10th, LG Twins spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

. He led catchers Heo Do-hwan, Park Dong-won, Kim Ki-yeon, and Jeon Jun-ho, and instructed the second base throwing training. If the throw misses

even a little, the command to disobey falls. When the three consecutive balls missed, coach Park glared at the players with an angry expression. Then, the best Heo Do-hwan softened the atmosphere by saying, “Dong-won throw it once.” Park 토토사이트Dong-won joked, “The US is not a little farther from second base,” but threw it sharply toward second base precisely. Park Dong-won’s stolen base last

season The interception rate was 35.5%. Oh Ji-hwan, who became the same team, praised Park Dong-won’s throwing ability, saying, “It was not easy to run when catcher Park Dong-won was sitting in the KIA game.

” On this day, after training was over, coach Park explained to the catchers what to do to shorten the throwing time, and said, “Let’s reduce it by 0.2 seconds more. Then, we can go to the league’s highest stealing rate,” he gave specific goals to the players.

Newly appointed battery coach Park Kyung-wan this season is training LG catchers strongly. can be checked with

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