Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

De Gea is out of contract with Manchester United this season. He has made a lot of mistakes lately and is on the decline, but Manchester United hopes to continue with him. There was only one condition. It’s just a ‘salary cut’.

De Gea ranks first on the team with a weekly 메이저사이트wage of £375,000 (600 million won). And he’s ranked number one in the world as a goalkeeper. He proposed a condition that he would be able to play more at Manchester United only if he adjusted this high wage. Local media accepted De Geagai and predicted that his contract renewal would go smoothly. A 25% cut is expected.

However, Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 29th (Korean time) that “De Gea has rejected the offer of a new contract from Manchester United.”

The media then explained, “Man United want to extend De Gea’s contract, but are only focusing on reducing De Gea’s salary. If De Gea wants to stay at Manchester United, he must accept this salary cut.” did.

The media did not disclose how much salary cuts Manchester United were asking for. Looking at the change in the positive airflow, it can be interpreted as requesting a reduction of more than 25%. De Gea, who wanted to stay at Manchester United, could also change his mind.

The media claimed, “De Gea is still an important player for Manchester United. Eric ten Hag is also desperately wanted. De Gea should be paid a decent salary.”

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