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 It was also Wayne Rooney.

Rooney was a recognized bad boy. Like his reckless playing style, he was unstoppable in dealing with people. An anecdote told by former Manchester United sports therapist Rod Thornley gives us a sense of what Rooney was like.

Rooney joined Manchester United from Everton in 2004. Former coach Alex Ferguson signed Rooney, who was called England’s best talent, for the highest amount in the top 10 at the time. Rooney lived up to his expectations, scoring a hat-trick on his debut.

Like a raging teenager, Rooney did not tremble 메이저사이트even in front of Ferguson, whom everyone feared. In an interview with FORE FOUR2 on the 25th (Korean time), Son Lee said, “Rooney asked me, ‘What should I call you when I call the manager?'” “So I call him boss because he is my boss. I think it would be better to call it ALEX.” But Rooney was different. “Rooney called Ferguson and he said, ‘Alex. That’s Wayne,'” Sonley said. “I know Ferguson well. He doesn’t like to be called Alex. Back then, Rooney said he was Alex several times. At that time, Ferguson said, ‘Are you going to school with me?'” he laughed.

But Ferguson cared for Rooney. Rooney played for United for 13 years before returning to Everton in 2017. He combined five league and European Champions League titles, scored 253 goals in 13 years,

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