Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Nuno Tavares was kicked out of the training ground for lack of effort.

Tavares is at Arsenal, but is currently on loan at Olympique Marseille. He was pushed out of the competition for the starting position with Kieran Tierney, a competitor for the same position, and chose to loan to Marseille when Arsenal’s position declined further by signing Oleksandr Zinchenko ahead of this season. He seemed to adapt well to his rental life, scoring goals at the beginning of the season, but he seems to have lost his original intention recently.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ quoted a report from the French media메이저사이트 ‘L’Equipe’ and said, “Tavares was kicked out of the training ground recently for lack of effort. Coach Igor Tudor was disappointed with Tavares. , told Tavares to go into the locker room. Coach Tudor did not mention Tavares by name when discussing the situation, but ‘L’Equipe’ coverage confirmed that the player was Tavares.”

Coach Tudor said in an interview with ‘L’Equipe’, “In my football, everyone has to play hard. When I see a player who is not working hard in training, I point out one or two times and intervene directly in the third. During an hour of training, I told the players this “You asked for points and the players understood that. Of course you can give them a break and joke around with them, but work is work.”

Despite the circumstances, ‘Daily Mail’ predicted that Tavares would get a chance to play. The media said, “However, Tavares started as a starter in the 1-1 draw against Montpellier, and is likely to play in the upcoming match against Lorient.”

Despite a steady stream of playing opportunities at Marseille, Tavares’ future remains uncertain. Tavares will have to return to Arsenal after his loan ends at the end of this season. However, as explained earlier, Tierney and Zinchenko are currently holding on to Arsenal. Even Tierney, who was considered the mainstay of the team, is being pushed by Zinchenko and rumors of a transfer are emerging. Tavares is very likely to be the team’s third option after Zinchenko and Tierney should he return to Arsenal.

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