Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Na Sang-ho (27, Seoul), who is leading the K-League 1 scoring by showing amazing goal-making this season, is determined to achieve his dream of advancing overseas with his team winning the championship.

In the home game바카라사이트 against Gwangju in the 12th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 9th, Na Sang-ho entered as a substitute in the 18th minute of the second half and scored the winning goal in 2 minutes, leading a 3-1 victory. Na Sang-ho played a key role in the victory with 1 goal and 1 help.

Na Sang-ho, who scored 8 goals (2 assists) in 12 games, beat Joo Min-gyu (6 goals, Ulsan), who ranked second in scoring, and became the sole leader in this category.

Na Sang-ho, who scored only 8 goals (4 assists) in 32 games last year, has already scored 8 goals in just 12 games, raising expectations for the first double-digit score in K-League 1.

He made his professional debut at Gwangju FC in 2017 and scored 16 goals for Gwangju in the K-League 2 the following year, winning MVP along with the challenge scorer at the time.

However, Seongnam FC and Seoul, which were active in the K League 1 stage, never scored more than 10 goals. After moving to Seoul in 2021, it was his career high to post 9 goals and 6 assists. He played for Japan’s J-League FC Tokyo from 2019 to 2020.

After participating in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year, Na Sang-ho has matured a step further. He gained enlightenment while facing strong players, and his will to advance abroad became stronger. It is also a good motivation that his best friends of the same age, Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) and Hwang Hee-chan (27 years old, Wolverhampton), are all active in Europe.

Na Sang-ho said, “I felt it at the World Cup and thought about it while watching overseas soccer, but the most important thing is confidence.”

Na Sang-ho, who is increasing his attack point by close to 1 per game, is not satisfied with the current situation and is pushing himself to continue improving.

He said, “It will be helpful for me to keep moving forward without being satisfied with my current figures,” and added, “I will try harder until I achieve my desired goal.”

Regarding the specific goal, Na Sang-ho said, “Seoul is in the championship competition as before, and lifting the championship cup is the priority.”

Showing his best form, some predict that he could leave for Europe in the summer. Na Sang-ho said, “I can’t tell you exactly how long I will be in Seoul,” but he spared his words, saying, “It is my duty to continue performing as I am now, to enjoy with the Seoul fans, and to keep the team in a good position.”

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