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However, when manager Slott tried to take all the coaching staff under him, Feyenoord raised the price. In addition to coaches Marino Pushic and Spike Holshoff, Slott tried to bring in coach Ruben Peters.

Feyenoord then raised the penalty by 2.5 times. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Tottenham are facing a situation where they have to pay as much as 15 million pounds to bring Slot, the target of coaching, from Feyenoord. During that time, it increased significantly,” he explained.메이저사이트

Tottenham had no experience with a big club yet, and it was burdensome to spend a considerable amount of £15 million on manager Slot, who had not yet had a great career as a manager. For whatever reason, Tottenham cannot avoid criticism for not bringing in a formal manager for two months.

Some claim that manager Slot used Tottenham to renew the contract on good terms. British reporter Alex Crook, after watching an interview about Slott’s stay at Feyenoord, said, “It’s bad news again for Tottenham. It looks as if Slott used Tottenham to extend his contract.” .

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In fact, Feyenoord is known to have put an offer to renew the contract with a drastically increased salary when Tottenham showed interest in manager Slot. European transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on social media: “Slot will soon sign a new contract with Feyenoord. An agreement was reached at yesterday’s meeting and will be announced soon. His decision will not be overturned. He will remain at Feyenoord. I will and I will not join Tottenham.”

Returning to the starting point, Tottenham is looking for a manager among the existing candidates. It is Postecoglu who has emerged as the next manager. Postecoglu is the person who brought Oh Hyun-kyu to Celtic. Under Postecoglu, Celtic built an overwhelming first-team system in Scotland.

The British ‘Independent’ said: “Tottenham are seriously considering Postecoglu as one of the candidates for the next manager after Slot decided to stay at Feyenoord. The hope is that the deal will be smoother than Feyenoord due to the good relationship between the parties involved. Postecoglu is generally regarded as one of the most exciting managers in world football.”

Britain’s ‘BBC’ also said, “Coach Postecoglu has won the league title for the second year in a row at Celtic, and is on the verge of a domestic treble. Considering his progressive tactical approach, Postecoglu is well worth considering.” I highly recommend the director.

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