Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

 Fans of Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany), who left to 스포츠토토support the away team, caused a riot in Naples, Italy.

Frankfurt fans visited Napoli for the 2022-23 UCL round of 16 second leg away match against Napoli held at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples on the 16th (Korean time).

Initially, they were banned from entering Naples away matches.

This is because it has already caused a riot in the first leg of the round of 16 held in Frankfurt, seriously injuring three Napoli fans.

Accordingly, the Italian Ministry of Interior did not allow the sale of tickets to Germans for this match only.

Frankfurt fans rioted once again in Naples despite being unable to enter the stadium and angry, saying that it was an unfair measure.

According to Italian media such as ‘Football Italia’, about 600 Frankfurt fans gathered at Piazza Jesu Nuovo in the center of Naples four hours before the game, throwing chairs at the cafe and creating a fuss.

The situation was more serious than the last riot in the first leg. They even showed rather violent behavior, such as clashing with Naples police who came out to stop them and setting fire to a police car.

After a long fuss, the police put them all on a bus and prevented them from leaving the hotel, ending the situation.

“The violence carried out by Frankfurt fans in Naples must be strongly condemned,” German Interior Minister Nansi Paezer said in a statement. “Unfortunately, they are destroying the sport they love.”

Meanwhile, in the match that day, Napoli won 3-0 against Frankfurt, adding a 2-0 victory in the first leg, and succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals with a two-game victory. Defender Kim Min-jae of the Korean national soccer team also played an active part in the selection and contributed to the victory.

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