Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

“It made me believe that it changed!”

His physical abilities,메이저사이트 such as strength, strength, and flexibility, are outstanding. The problem is the drop in restraint. As long as he has the ability to manage the game, he can digest one inning right away. But I decided to look a little further. In order to survive on the mound for a long time, I thought it was urgent to find something of my own. This is why SSG proposed a bio-mechanic program to left-handed pitcher Jeong Seong-gon (27). Now that the 9-week schedule has been completed, a surprising change can be sensed. The restraint, which was 130 km per hour on April 20, rose to (maximum) 149 km in two months.

It garnered a lot of attention early on. Jung Sung-gon joined KT in the 2nd round (14th overall) of the 2015 rookie draft. He went back and forth between the starter and the bullpen and was consistently in the game. In the 2019 season, he won the first double-digit hold (11 hold) in his life and played an active part in the winning group. However, he could not continue the good flow. Above all, after his military service, his restraint decreased and he could not fully display his skills. In the end, through a trade in May of last year, I wore the SSG uniform. That year, he had a 10.13 earned run average in 2 games and 2⅔ innings.

SSG entered intensive management. Kim Dong-ho, the pitching coach of the remaining army (in charge of the drive line) and the training part, made a major change. Even the person himself said, “It seems that everything has been ripped and repaired.” It was based on scientific data. In particular, through bio-mechanics, each motion, from the angle of the elbow to the release point and movement of the lower body, was analyzed. He created a pitching form optimized for Jung Sung-gon. Jeong Seong-gon said, “At first, the change itself was scary,” but “I came to believe it because I felt it getting better.”

His confidence is full. Now he awaits the actual stage. The exact date has not been released, but I am going to sortie for the SSG Futures (2nd team) league next week. Jeong Seong-gon said, “I want to get into the game quickly. I don’t want to show it to others, but I feel like I want to evaluate myself (about pitching).” Moving forward, I draw the day when I will rise to the first team. There are not many lefties in the bullpen. If Jung Sung-gon does his part, it can be a great strength. Jung Sung-gon raised his voice, saying, “I will make sure to seize the opportunity.”

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