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The most unexpected move ever. Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, 61, has taken a vacation while the club is still dealing with the Harry Kane transfer.

“Levy has started his vacation by ignoring Bayern Munich’s (Germany) deadline to sign Kane,” the British Express reported on Friday. Tottenham and Munich are currently in talks over a move for Kane. Spurs have already rejected Munich’s offer twice. They recently held a new round of talks in London, England, which ended with no agreement. The positive for Munich, however, is that they now know what Tottenham are asking for. Upon their return, the Munich hierarchy immediately presented a third offer of £86 million. With the start of the new season approaching, the deadline was set for this weekend.

카지노This was effectively Munich’s last offer. “Munich have offered a club-record €100 million (£143 million) for Kane,” said 90MIN, a British soccer website, emphasizing that “if Tottenham are not satisfied with this offer, it is unlikely that Munich will make a higher bid”. Tottenham have one year left on Kane’s contract. For Tottenham, this was their last chance to get the transfer fee.

But something unexpected happened. Tottenham, Munich, and Kane. At a crucial time, Levy went on vacation. German outlet Bild also noted that “Levy ignored Munich’s deadline”.

According to Bild, Levy will be vacationing with his family in Miami for about two weeks. This led to speculation that Tottenham would reject Munich’s ‘third offer’. Levy’s vacation was seen as a rejection. Now, Kane is reportedly hoping to have his future settled before the start of the league. Unless Munich swallow their pride and up the ante with a new offer, a move for Kane is unlikely.

In the meantime, Tottenham have managed to keep hold of Kane at all costs. Real Madrid (Spain), Paris Saint-Germain (France), and others have tried to sign Kane, but have been thwarted by Tottenham’s ‘ironclad defense’. Munich are also struggling.

Harry Kane. /Photo=FCBInside Capture
Tottenham are keen to keep hold of their franchise star Kane, who has developed into a world-class striker since his youth team days. They have been preparing a new contract for some time to keep hold of him. Most recently, the club offered £400,000 a week, the highest in the Premier League and double his current wages. It’s an unconventional offer given Spurs and Levy’s history of being stingy with wage increases.

Kane, on the other hand, wants out. He’s also refusing to re-sign with Spurs. Kane appears to have lost patience with Tottenham’s continued underachievement. Spurs last won the League Cup in 2008. Kane has been playing for the first team since 2010. He hasn’t won a single trophy during his time at Spurs. Even last season, Spurs finished eighth in the league. Kane is in his 30s, so there’s no time to waste. However, there is a chance that he will fail to ‘escape Tottenham’ once again.

Tottenham opens the new Premier League season against Brentford on Sept. 13. That’s about a week away. If Tottenham fail to re-sign Kane, and a move to Munich doesn’t materialize, they could be in for an uncomfortable ride.

For now, the odds are in favor of Tottenham and Kane staying together for another season. While it’s impossible to predict how things will play out over the course of a year, Kane will be free to move on when his contract expires. Tottenham will not receive a penny of the transfer fee.

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