Wed. May 31st, 2023

 Lee Kang-in recorded a phenomenal number of dribbles in a Primera Liga match for his team, Mallorca.

Lee Kang-in played full-time in the 29th round of the Primera Liga in 온라인카지노the 2022-23 season against Celta Vigo held at Balaidos Stadium in Vigo, Spain on the 18th (Korean time), leading the Mallorca attack and playing a key role in the 1-0 victory. With this victory, Mallorca escaped from the sluggishness of six consecutive matches and won its first victory in two months since the match against Villarreal held in February.

Lee Kang-in succeeded in breaking through the dribble 9 times in the match against Celta Vigo. Lee Kang-in participated in 28 Primera Liga games this season and succeeded in breaking through 59 dribbles, ranking 5th in the league in terms of successful dribbles.

Lee Kang-in’s number of successful dribbles against Celta is an impressive number even in the Primera Liga. The player with the most successful dribbles in the Primera Liga this season is Real Madrid’s winger Vinicius. Vinicius broke the dribble 86 times in 27 Primera Liga games. He completed 3.18 dribble breakthroughs per game. In the match against Celta Vigo, Lee Kang-in performed a dribble nearly three times the average number of successful dribble breakthroughs per game of Vinicius, who has the best dribbling ability in the Primera Liga.

In this season’s Primera Liga, there are three Brazilian players and two Argentinian players in the top 10 number of successful dribbles, respectively. Villarreal’s Chuqueze, who ranks second in successful dribbles, hails from Nigeria. Lee Kang-in is an Asian player, and is ranked in the top 5 in the number of successful dribbles in the Primera Liga.

Lee Kang-in’s number of successful dribbles is also symbolic for his team, Mallorca. It has been 14 years since Castro recorded it against Osasuna in 2009 that a Mallorca player succeeded in breaking through nine dribbles in a Primera Liga match.

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