Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

“We are rivals because we are in the same region… but I think our rivals are all teams.”

This is the opinion that director Park Nam-yeol of Cheonan City FC, who is newly joining the 2023 season professional football K-League 2, has put forward about the relationship with Chungbuk Cheongju FC, the ‘foundation motive’.

Director Park, who visited the ‘202안전놀이터3 K-League Winter Battery Training Media Camp’ held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 8th, said, “We are aiming for a high place and preparing. All 12 teams are rivals.” said.

Chungbuk Cheongju is a remark to the effect that it is one of the teams competing in the league rather than a special ‘homocratic’.

If you look at this remark alone, it contrasts with coach Choi of Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, who will join the K-League 2 in the new season, not hiding his competitive spirit.

Coach Choi said at the K-League Media Camp on the 2nd, “Cheonan is also the same founding team, and I know we didn’t win in the K3 League.” I want to call them rivals because they start on an equal footing.”

However, coach Park also had no choice but to bring out the competitive spirit he had hidden during his follow-up response.

When asked about the target ranking for this season, coach Park said, “My goal is to reach a single digit.

He added, “If I’m greedy, I want to play well in the first half and challenge the playoffs (PO).”

Coincidentally, the target ranking suggested by coach Choi was also ‘single digit’.

Both teams were founded with the ambition to develop into clubs representing Chungcheong Province, but in fact, Chungnam Asan FC was the first to solidify its status as a regional representative.

Chungnam-Asan has already achieved the single-digit ranking desired by the two coaches.

Chungnam-Asan, founded in 2020, rose from 10th, the bottom of the first season, to 8th in the 2021 season and 6th in the 2022 season.

Until the end of last season, they fought with Gyeongnam FC for 5th place, the last line for entering the PO, but had to be content with 6th place without giving back.

Chungnam Asan coach Park Dong-hyuk also mentioned the composition of the ‘Chungcheong-do rival’ between the three teams at the media camp on the 26th of last month.

He said, “There is no pressure on the founding team, but there is an expectation that the rivalry will be an event that can bring joy to the fans.” I made up my mind.

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