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Core resources essential for the emergency of KIA Tigers. when can they come back

In the meantime, key players 토토사이트who have been active in the 2022 season, such as Lee Chang-jin, Park Chan-ho, and Jang Hyun-sik, have left the KIA due to injuries. Lee Chang-jin and Park Chan-ho suffered wrist injuries, and Jang Hyun-sik underwent surgery for a bone fragment in his elbow.

Fortunately, players responded that the rehabilitation process went smoothly. In addition, as the timing of joining was gradually decided, it was possible to expect a complete group

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, who we met at the Gocheok Sky Dome on the 15th, said, “(Lee) Chang-jin joined the Futures team from today (15th). (Park) Chan-ho is scheduled to join the Futures team from the weekend, but it is important that his wrists improve. That way, even if he joins the team, he can prepare from the technical part.”

“In the case of Chanho, it is this weekend at the earliest. He must be watched first,” he added.

Lee Chang-jin and Park Chan-ho are the core resources responsible for the KIA in and outfield in the 2022 season. They showed their presence enough to digest 111 and 130 games, respectively. Of course, it is not that there are no players to replace them this season. KIA’s outfield has Socrates Britto and Na Seong-beom and one spot in an infinite competition system, and the infield also has Kim Do-young, who is showing off his recently raised skills. However, Lee Chang-jin and Park Chan-ho are already proven players. Only when they come back can KIA become whole.

Jang Hyun-sik’s return time is relatively late. He is the core of KIA’s bullpen, but since not much time has passed since he underwent bone fragmentation surgery, he is in a position to keep an eye on him.

Manager Kim said, “I am continuing to pitch the bullpen. I’m in the process of preparing, but I think I’ll be able to return by the end of March. Still, I have to check a little more,” revealing a cautious appearance.

Meanwhile, other players are filling the vacant positions of Lee Chang-jin, Park Chan-ho, and Jang Hyun-shik. Young players such as Kim Do-young and Choi Ji-min performed well in winning two consecutive victories in recent demonstration games. In addition, Kim Ho-ryeong is showing a good sense of hitting. Competitors in each position are showing good performances, and KIA’s internal competitiveness is also increasing.

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