Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

A new combination has appeared in the badminton women’s doubles.

Veteran Lee So-hee and rookie Baek Ha-na formed a team.

After a few weeks of working 토토사이트together in earnest, he showed his potential by winning a silver medal at an international competition.

Reporter Huh Sol-ji covered the story.


This is the women’s doubles team of ‘Lee So-hee and Baek Ha-na’ who won the silver medal at the Thailand Masters with a skill that is hard to see as a team that was formed not long ago, from veteran-like accurate offense and stable defense. [ Soundbite

] Lee So-hee·Baek Ha-na/National Badminton Representative : “It’s true that we didn’t have enough time to get along, but I think it’s good because we gained a lot from that.”

It was a big challenge for Hana Baek to form a new doubles team.

It was judged to be the best combination to maximize her strengths by using Lee So-hee’s height and speed to boost her attack power, and one back to add her stable power. [ Soundbite

] Kim Hak-kyun/Badminton National Team Manager : “I focused on the strengths of the two players rather than their weaknesses and made a combination. It’s an investment. If you get used to it, I think you’ll become stronger players.”]

After that, it was only about a month that we started to work together in earnest, and above all, ‘breathing’ is the key.

[“I (Lee So-hee) ISFJ,

[“(Watercress, non-cold?) Watercress! (Full-boiled, half-cooked?) Half-cooked! (Valley, sea?) Sea! (Rice, bread?) Bread!”]

Following the existing strong players, ‘Kim So-young-Gong Hee-yong’ Joe, and even new combinations. If added, the medal competitiveness of the women’s doubles ahead of major competitions is expected to further increase.

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