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Ha-seong Kim (27) of the San Diego Padres was a ‘busy name’ this winter. President AJ Preller’s mention of the possibility of a trade served as a catalyst. As it became known that there was a team that actually inquired about the trade, the imagination unfolded. All the teams that needed a shortstop were Kim Ha-sung’s ‘virtual teams’. When Ha-seong Kim transferred, there was also a local article predicting the cost of the trade.

Public opinion on Kim Ha-sung’s trade was created when Xander Bogatz (30) joined. Bogarts joined San Diego this winter with an 11-year, $280 million (347.2 billion won) mega-contract. With the arrival of shortstop Bogatz, Kim Ha-seong’s position was shaken. Ha-seong Kim was forced to change position, but if Ha-seong Kim went to second baseman, the existing second baseman Jake Cronenworth (29) had to switch to first baseman. However, it was pointed out one after another that using Cronenworth, who has excellent second base defense, as a first baseman is a waste of power. At a time when infield traffic control is needed, San Diego has revealed its position that it can trade Ha-seong Kim. When behind-the-scenes work comes to the surface, rumors tend to spread further. As a result, the trade of Kim Ha-seong is not expected to be easy.

The team that has been mentioned the most so far has been the Miami Marlins. San Diego and Miami had good interests. Miami had to reinforce a shortstop and San Diego a starting pitcher, but Miami just released starting pitcher Pablo Lopez (27) to the trade market. However, Lopez, who took off as the team’s second starter last year, was not worth it. The competition was fierce because finding a high-level starting pitcher was ‘picking stars in the sky’. In the end, Miami sent Lopez to the Minnesota Twins as a condition of receiving Luis Araes (25), the “American League batting champion,” last year. Miami is still looking for a shortstop, but it’s doubtful they’ll give up another starting pitcher to bring in Kim Ha-sung.

Another candidate was the Boston Red Sox. Trevor Story (30) underwent Tommy John surgery following the departure of shortstop Bogarts, causing an emergency. However, Boston announced that it would fill the void with internal resources, and took a breather by acquiring Adalberto Mondesi (27) from the Kansas City Royals.

Two teams, the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers, have been mentioned, but the actual trade is unlikely to happen. It is also difficult for San Diego to promote the Kim Ha-sung trade hastily. As can be seen from the sudden departure of Fernando Tatis Jr. (24) last year, there are times when you have to respond to unexpected variables during the season. At this time, because the damage can be minimized only when the player base is thick, it is burdensome for San Diego to send Ha-seong Kim hastily. In particular, we need to be more careful about trading players who can play more than one position like Kim Ha-seong. 토토사이트

Ha-seong Kim is also in the best situation to stay in San Diego. This year, San Diego is looking higher, taking advantage of last season’s advance to the National League Championship Series. It is also likely to advance to the postseason for two consecutive years by achieving an increase in power.

It is more advantageous to play on a strong team than on a weak team to increase a player’s stock price. You can get a lot more attention, and you can make a mark with your performance in the postseason. Unless you’re a team on the same level as San Diego, a trade isn’t welcome. Also, even if it is traded, it doesn’t look good to leave the team as if you were pushed out of the competition. This is also not helpful in judging Kim Ha-seong.

It is also worrisome that the environment is changing. Ha-seong Kim chose San Diego to quickly adapt to the major leagues. But it took me quite a while to get used to in San Diego. Now he is showing his true ability after adapting, but when the team changes, he has to keep pace with the change again. Familiar and awkward environments have a greater impact on players than you might think.

A trade can also be an opportunity for a player. However, for now, Ha-sung Kim seems to be staying in San Diego. The priority is to show a more developed image than before in San Diego. That way, even if he leaves, it will be San Diego, not Kim Ha-seong, who will be left with more regret.

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